11. Knowing each other

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The next morning brought a smile on his face as he remembered last night.

He knew that she was not forced in the marriage but the fear in her eyes made him worried, he was still confused about her fear.
Why she is scared of him ?
Why she keep asking for sorry every now and then ?

The family was on breakfast table and they were back to their normal routine. Akhilesh Father for reading newspaper while his Mother and wife were in the kitchen.

It was 9:00 in the morning and he was getting ready for the shop. His shop was located in main market of Baroda. After just 2 days of marriage he was going to Work.

As he came out of his room, all ready he was stoped by his sister, glaring at him with her hand on her waist. She started scolding him " Are you for real, bhai ?
Yesterday you had your reception and now you are going to shop!!!

Akhilesh shake his head and sigh before he could utter a single word his mother along with his wife came out of the kitchen. Holding Sonal's hand, she was standing near her daughter. Ignoring the ladies of his house, Akhilesh moved forward towards his father and sat with him on sofa.

"You please make them understand, it has been 7 days my shop is closed not an hour more, I will keep it close." Akhilesh Father look at him and replied "Give me the keys I will go, you take her out and give a round to the city. Be back after 10 at the night. Not before that.
A grin appeared on Megha's face as her father uttered the instructions.

After his father's reply Akhilesh had to shut his mouth. He knew what his family wanted and he understands that it was important but will his wife feel comfortable with him he asked himself.

He sighed and looked towards Sonal "please Change your saree and come we will go out."

Sonal quietly moved towards her room to which her sister in law followed. Akhilesh sat on the sofa and was now accompanied by his brother in law.

Take her to shopping mall and buy her a gift. Then take her for lunch where she can be comfortable. you can go for a movie later on take her towards Pavagadh then you have your dinner while returning home.

Akhilesh nodded his head and stood up to change in his jeans but the door was closed. Thinking she must be changing he headed towards terrace to make a call to Chotu. (works at his showroom)

After half an hour

Akhilesh came down and went inside his bedroom to change. When he came out he was informed by his mother that Sonal and his sister are waiting outside for him. He went out by picking up his car keys.

Akhilesh brother in law was standing outside with his bike. He smiled towards Akhilesh and asked can i borrow your car for today ?

Akhilesh understood his hint and passed his car keys. Akhilesh sat on the Bike and asked Sonal to do the same.

Sorry for keeping you all
I am really very sorry.

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