8. New Fears

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Sonal was spending some time with her family, she was busy hearing his small cousins ranter about the things present in the room. She faked her smile to everyone but her cousin sister knew that something is wrong.

Sangeeta (Sonal Cousin Sister) took her to terrace, without wasting a second she asked What's wrong ?

Sonal tried to hide her problems but failed miserably. Sangeeta was glaring at her with wide eyes. It was an ultimatum for Sonal, if she didn't speak now than her Ben has her own ways so it's better she speaks.

I am sacred of him, what if he beat me ?
I don't know them!!
I am all alone, Ben.

After listening to Sonal's fear it was evident that she wont be able to handle the marriage because of the fear and will do some blunder. She was the sacred one in their family, so it was not new to Sangeeta.

They both came down and Sangeeta was just thinking about Sonal's words.

She was tensed but she knew very well that she alone can't handle this thing and she has to let someone know about it. If she doesn't inform about the situation then it would cost big to Sonal, might be her marriage would be at stake.

Sangeeta reached to her elder brother to discuss the matter and he saw her worried face. They went to an isolated place where Sangeeta told everything to her elder brother (Sonal cousin brother and Sangeeta's real brother) from the start of Sonal being unaware of Akhilesh's age and her fear of doing wrong.

Sangeeta elder brother listened patiently but then started laughing stating that Sangeeta is just being extra caring and she should stop it. He then moved towards their family and join them.

Sangeeta pondered on her brother's words and she thought might be he is right. Still she ask Sonal to be careful while with her husband.

She asked her about first night and Sonal replied "He didn't touch me." Hearing that Sangeeta couldn't believe her ears. Her husband had not even asked her name before having his ways with her and Sonal's Husband didn't touch her. They didn't demand dowry and they are so rich. What is the reason behind all this ?

Is that man genuinely good or his chacha and father have put Sonal in some trouble without knowing anything.

Sangeeta shrugged her thoughts and put a smile on her face for Sonal and asked her to be attentive and advised her to not allow any man near her except her husband. She should fulfill his every wish but would never question his any demand or needs neither say a No.

Sonal mother arrived at where Sangeeta was advising Sonal. Her mother asked sometime with her daughter and Sangeeta happily obliged.

At Night

Sonal was given her Reception Lengha and jewellery by her Mother in law to wear at tomorrow's function.

She also gave her some sarees which she had brought for her. Sonal was happy to see all the gifts from today's morning plus the nek (money) which was given to her by Akashji her brother in law plus now this sarees.

She is lucky to be married in this house. Her cousins have really scared her about in laws but the people of this house are not like the ones her married cousin sister described.

These people are good. She concluded in her mind.

She was so much indulged in the sarees and jewellery that when Akhilesh entered the room and moved towards the washroom didn't came to her notice.

When Akhilesh came out after refreshing he thought to have a talk but seeing Sonal still engrossed at the lengha he shook his head. How much this girl likes all this things he thought.

When Sonal finally sensed his presence she gave him the brightest Smile ever and thanked him and his family for all this these things.

Akhilesh -  No, you don't need to thank me. You have a right on these things.

Sonal - I wouldn't have if  I haven't been married to you. So thank you.

Akhilesh - Her words created another havoc for him. So she didn't wanted to marry me. Is it true ?

At evening

Sonal was at parlor getting ready for reception when Akhilesh came to pick her. He didn't say a word to her in the car. She was nervous as hell but her mind travel 2 hours ago conversation when her mother asked her to never reveal her real age to her husband.

She doesn't want to lie to him but feared that if he knew about her secret would he accept her ?

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