31. The Celebration

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Sonal knocked on the door and called out Radha. Before Sonal could call out her mother in law, Megha sent Radha to Sonal's room to calm her and alerted Radha not to spoil their Surprise.

Megha empty the packets of snacks and sweets in bowls and plates while Akash started setting the table as Akhilesh had gone to wake up his parents.

As Mr. and Mrs. Shah wake up they were just told "We are celebrating her Birthday" and were pushed to get ready.

Radha was in Akhilesh bedroom calming her Sister in law that just for today she is ban from Kitchen and her Baa had ordered Radha, to refrain Sonal from doing anything. Sonal was quite because she excepted something from her family for her Birthday but banning her from Kitchen will do what good other than delaying each and everything in the house was not understandable to Sonal.

It was half an hour later a knock on the bedroom door of Sonal was heard and Radha opened it. As instructed by Radha, Sonal was quietly sitting on her bed doing nothing.

Radha went out of the room and again locked the door. She joined everyone and asked her Baa to go and bring Sonal. As soon as Mrs. Shah opened the lock and called Sonal out, she obediently followed her mother in law.

Till now Sonal had understood that it was celebration of her Birthday. This family knows how to enjoy in the smallest things in the Grand way possible . She remembered how her mother knew nothing about her Birth date and there was no concept of even Wishing anyone on their Birthday.

She remembered her youngest brother who had the opportunity to attend school till he was 9 years old, he would sometimes bring sweets or snacks at home when any children of Zamindar would have their Birthdays.

Sonal saw her family they were standing forming an Arc around the dinning table. She smiled seeing them all.

"Janam divas Ni khub khub subhiksha" (Many many happy returns of the day). Every body cheered for her and with wet eyes and a lump in her throat from the happiness in front of her, she could only smile. Sonal's that Smile was bright enough for everyone to know how touched she is from their gesture.

Mrs. Shah brought Sonal in her arms and wished her. A motherly hug was needed and Sonal eyes started pouring out all the water she had in them. Megha and Radha joined the hug and tried to make Sonal Smile.

It was a happy moment for a girl who had once dreamt of a life to never sleep empty stomach. Sonal had worked Hard at her Fathers house. she would do all house chores as her Mother-Father would be on construction Sites working. She would take care of house, she had learn embroidery for Sarees and any job that would help her to earn something. she would take up any work happily for the money.

Sonal recalled the hard times her life had showed her and cried more engulfing her mother in law. She never thought her prayers and patience were going to be rewarded by the great and loving family. She always considered herself as burden to her father but now she was treated as Queen by her Husband, Her Dear Akhilesh, Her Love Akhilesh, Her Everything was now Akhilesh.

Mrs. Shah broke the hug and bring Sonal to dining table. There was Suji ka halwa decorated in form of cake, Jalebi, Handvo (a dish in Gujarat), khaman, Kachori and Samosa.

 There was Suji ka halwa decorated in form of cake, Jalebi, Handvo (a dish in Gujarat), khaman, Kachori and Samosa

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