18. Siblings Fight

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Akhilesh was busy on his shop arranging the display of new born baby clothes, when his phone rang. He answered the call immediately and he could only replied in 3 words to the caller.




The call was cut but the smile on his face remain stagnant the whole day.

After dinner

She called you and said we will plan for Babuji's birthday, that's not possible. Radha intimated by crossing her hands in the air looking straight into her brother's eyes.

He will be angry, if we waste money. Baa will lecture us every time, so I am not participating. Radha said with firmness in her voice.

The siblings were busy in conversation when they heard a slight tap of  hand on the door. Radha immediately replied, " please come in bhabhi."

Akhilesh questioned Radha,
"How do you know it's Sonal ?"  Because I taught her how to knock but she is more comfortable with a pat on the door. She replied to her brother and gesture her bhabhi to sit next to her. Sonal smiled seeing them but she couldn't utter a single word from her mouth.

After coming from shop, Akhilesh has instructed her to join him and Radha after dinner in Radha's room. Akhilesh was in happy mood so she was sure she didnt commit any mistake but then the whole time after that conversation,
she could only think about the happenings in the earlier week where by any chance she has done something wrong.

Radha and Akhilesh both were quite and their silence was making Sonal worried to death. She was not sure what was happening but she can't ask forgiveness also as last time when she did that Akhilesh had scolded her very badly.

Some time passed as Akhilesh was looking towards Sonal silently and Sonal was busy capturing every inch of that pastel green colour room. Her eyes moved from the door to switch board then dressing table then on Megha's bed where Radha's book were comfortably spread.

Till this point Radha had enough of his brother taking his own time in eyeing his wife and her Bhabhi noticing every inch of her untidy bedroom. She pinch both of them together with right hand Sonal and with left hand Akhilesh. After the attack from Radha, Sonal stood up from her place.

Akhilesh scream on an instant and with his right hand he pushed down Radha from the bed to the carpet of the room. "Bhai it hurts." Radha screamed at the top of her lungs that the person sleeping in the neighborhood can also hear her. Radha left hand now has pain and her pinky finger of the left hand had broken nail.

After seeing her favourite nail art broken she stood up and took her pillow from the bed and started hitting Akhilesh on the head. Akhilesh snatched the pillow from Radha's hand and started hitting her on left and right arm.

Sonal was terrified seeing the two fighting, she gulped the salvia formed in her mouth and quickly took steps to run out of the room.

When she reached half way through the stairs she saw her mother and father in law's standing on staircase. Her father in law passed her and moved towards his daughters room. She saw her mother in law climbing the stairs slowly and asked her to follow them up.

Her father in law being a silent watcher of his elder and younger children fighting wait for them to come to their senses. Mrs. Shah joined Mr Shah at the door and shook her head seeing her children fighting with pillow at this age.

She couldn't being a silent watcher as her husband, so she shouted at her children. "Stop both of you." She paused for a second and instructed Akhilesh "Back to your room now."

As being an obedient child, Akhilesh put the pillow on the bed move out muttering a sorry to his parents. Akhilesh hold the hand of Sonal and went downstairs. Mr. Shah also left from there after that and Mrs. Shah entered the bedroom to give an earful scolding to her daughter because of fighting with her married elder brother at this hour of night.

Akhilesh and Sonal entered their bedroom and Akhilesh lock the door. He sat on the bed and remove his phone from charging. He noticed Sonal standing beside the cupboard with head down.

He asked Sonal, "come and sleep, it's already late today."  Without wasting a second she sat on the bed next to him and spoke in a go. "I didn't told Baa Bapuji about your fighting. I haven't done anything wrong also. I clearly remember. I don't know why Radha ben pinch me. I didn't do anything wrong."

"Good, you are progressing." Akhilesh spoke with a smile on his face. He cupped Sonal's cheeck and plastered a kiss on her forehead. She relaxed under his touch. She hugged him and complained "You shouldn't have pushed Radha ben down, she must be in pain."

"Let her be" Akhilesh said while securing his arms around her back. He laid on the bedrest with Sonal on his chest. Akhilesh one hand rested on her hips and he was moving it around. Sonal quietly lay on his chest.

They both have progressed in their relationship where hugs and kisses has been common. Akhilesh had his own way making out whether his wife like him or not.

At first it was difficult to make out anything but Sonal adjusted with the family in this four months. "Why you called me in Radha Ben's room ?" Sonal suddenly questioned him and he sighed. He was planning to take a step further in his marriage. Tonight he wanted to kiss her on the lips but today he might not able to do that.

He removed his hand from her back and laid Sonal on the right side. He came on her top and while rubbing his thump on her cheeks he said. "Tomorrow, we will go to meet Megha, there I will tell you. Don't mention anything to Baa Bapuji. Okay."

Sonal kissed his cheek and replied "Okay". Akhilesh smiled grew wider on her act. He leaned more close to her and asked "Can I kiss on your lips ?"

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