15. The First Kiss

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He removed her veil and saw her eyes full of tears. He questioned her
"What happened ?
Why are you crying ?"

She wiped her tears and sobbingly spoke " He was shouting. I am scared. I can't take it."

Her innocent words took away his heart there and then, there was no looking back for Akhilesh. He smiled and cuped her face in his hand. He brought her closure and gave a lingering kiss on her forehead.

After what felt like eternity to Sonal, Akhilesh moved his lips from her forehead. The two of them didn't speak for a while but now the sun was not visible and they had to go down which could be a risk.

After realising that it's too late, Akhilesh moved fast and started the bike. Within next 10 minutes they reached near the exit point. Sonal was scared while sitting behind him, watching the bike taking the turns.

The way was Zig Zag which now terrified her and she kept her eyes closed and prayed. Akhilesh so wish to see her scared face but he has to concentrate on the road.

She had a good hold of his shoulder which he liked but he wanted her more close to him.

He thought to drive fast but then at highway you can't go above speed and moreover the monsoon will approach soon so she might get sick because of the blowing of cold wind which he surely didn't wanted.

Within next 20 minutes they were near Baroda Highway. He decided to stop on "Hotel Sarvottam", as soon as they reach there she was stunned seeing the big hotel. It was not like that morning Mall at all but it was something different something which shouted Rich. She gulped and noted not to speak anything or attract anyone attention towards her just like morning. The hotel was so big and lavish and she didn't wanted to embarrassed Akhilesh or herself.

They sat at a table in Air Conditioner room adjacent to the window through which outside view was visible to them. There was Highway on which trucks and cars were running but the outside view was not noticed by Akhilesh, he just had his eyes on his wife whose eyes for a second was also not allowed to see anything else than the Chandelier hang on the ceiling.

Akhilesh was looking at Sonal with so much love but he knew deep down in his heart that she won't be able to reciprocate his love now. No doubt she likes him but he was also sure she does not love him but do she want to fall in love with him ? That question was rotating in his mind.

He had to halt his thoughts as waiter came with water for both of them. He served the water in the respected glasses and stand there for taking the order.

Akhilesh asked him to come after sometime so that they can decide, the waiter nodded and left. Akhilesh picked up the menu and looked for dishes they could order.

He looked up from the menu and opened his mouth to say something but words didn't came out as his wife was interested for the noodles which were in the tray travelling to their opposite table.

Her mouth was open and she had a bright smile on her face with closed eyes and her nose busy taking the aroma of that delicious dish. He smiled at her expression and called out the waiter.

He ordered punjabi panner sabji for himself with butter Chapati and for the lady a bowl of noodles. He was sure that she will be surprised when the order will arrive.

Sonal was not aware of Akhilesh watching her taking the aroma of the food and she was only physically sitting on the table which her eyes and mind were roaming in the whole room expect in front of her.

Sonal smiled as soon as the waiter served her the noodles. She looked towards Akhilesh and he too smiled at her.

"Aabhar". (Thank you) she chirped and started eating noodles with her hands.

He shook his head at her antics and ducked his head inside his plate of paneer.

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