13. Pavagadh

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Akhilesh has been driving for about an hour to Pavagadh feeling her strong hold on him. She had told him about coming to Pavagadh at small age. She had walked all the way with others to worship the kalika mata.

Today for the first time she told him that he is so good. She shared with him how strict her father was with her. Last night he had asked her to sleep as she was confused with his questions and on the verge of crying and asking forgiveness for doing wrong.  He was able to see her eyes moist and so he asked her to sleep while he slept peacefully knowing that she was happy to be married to him.

She is scared because of how Man would behave at her village with Women, he concluded as per their conversation and her acknowledging him.

According to her all the males are strict and women cannot open their mouth in front of them. He was surprised first  but then she is from a small village so might be people their have the parichay ideology.

He would laugh at her description of male but when he thought about the females of his house, he questioned himself
Has he or his father have any time being unjust to them ?
He remembered many moment of  sacrifices his mother has made but it was for him and his 2 little sisters. Might be Women are always stronger when it comes to protect their children.

He tried to remember have his father ever raised hand on her mother ?
And the answer was NO. His father was the one to always stand by her mother. His parents have a beautiful relationship. Their compatibility is the reason why their children have been able to achieve success after living in poverty for so long.

But yes he had seen man like that he never raised voice against that but he know that is wrong and he wouldn't let that happen to atleast his family females.

He sighed and put a hold on his thoughts. He parked his Bike near Machi entrance.

Sonal asked him about climbing the stairs further but he refused and asked her to walk with him

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Sonal asked him about climbing the stairs further but he refused and asked her to walk with him.

She is cute and innocent that was set for him now he need to know about her feelings for him. She respect him but the question is will she love him ?

Because Akhilesh wants to fall deep for her. This girl within the span of 3 days have made him crazy to hold her and talk non-stop, what else is she capable to do with him ?

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