12. A Day out

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Akhilesh pov's

When you are with someone so special, so close to your heart you just can't wish anything else than her hand in yours for the life time.

I like her a lot but I want the same feeling as mine in her heart also which I don't think is possible right now because she doesn't count me as her special one or she does ?

Akhilesh was continuing his thoughts in mind, watching the movie while his wife was busy chewing the


An hour ago

Akhilesh entered the orbit mall with Sonal and she just couldn't hold her mouth back and spoke "oh such a big building"

Akhilesh entered the orbit mall with Sonal and she just couldn't hold her mouth back and spoke "oh such a big building"

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Her mouth was left open as she entered that building with her husband. Her eyes just couldn't blink and she was astonished by the things she was seeing for the first time in her life. She had never even heard about them.

Not for a moment in her 17 years of life she could have imagine this. She had never dreamt of such things in her life. Her dreams were just having good food everyday in a month.

Watching each and every thing while passing through the corridors, She just couldn't stop herself from expressing excitement, she was so much stunned by the modern building that she forget about her husband and every other thing that matters.

She didn't know how to behave ?
What to say ?
What to do ?
She was having so many foreign feeling about the surrounding, she herself didn't know what was happening to her.

She reached to stairs who were moving upwards. She saw people climbing it and it feared her. She looked around to find her husband who was some feets away and looking at her.

Akhilesh knew she was happy and so he restraint himself from popping her happy bubble. She continued wondering in the mall and she didn't recognise when her pallu (a side of saree covering the head) from her head slipped but that didn't go unnoticed by Him.

Akhilesh was stunned by seeing his beauty. Her hair were left open in full glory. She had not hide waist now which she used to secure every now and then, he can easily see the slim figure which was hidden to him till now. He was enjoying himself checking out her wife when he heard her speak.

"Suniye". (Listen)

He kept his eyes concentrated on her lips which were moving and he only wanted to kiss them, God only knows what was keeping him not to do that act with her.

He was shocked would be an understatement but he was much relieved to know that she is enjoying herself but the people in their  surrounding were giving them weird looks. He just ignore them.

His eyes again focused to her and he pulled his eyebrows upwards indicating her to speak further because right now he don't trust his tongue at all.

She repeated herself. "I can't climb those stairs. They are scary."

He chuckled hearing her. He took the hold of her hand and pull her towards stairs.

The escalator looked scary to his innocent bride. He put a step forward and asked her to do the same. She obliged without questioning as her nature but with her eyes closed and praying "I don't want to die today, Mataji. Raksha karo." (Mother, save me.)

The fear was evident to him by her expression which always amazed him. He pulled her again and this time they were on the first floor of the mall.

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