26. Happy Days are here Again

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"Doctor said that he is alright but he have to stay in the house for 15 days. He is not infected but as he come in contact with the infected person so we need to take good care of him." Akash tried to explain his in laws what exactly need to be take care of.

"Akhilesh has to be given food or snacks with time interval of every 2 hours. Baa Bapuji you both are senior citizens so you both are restricted to the house. Bhabhi and Radha can go out Akash stopped for a second and look towards the two young girl but you two also need to be careful. I will come here in one call Akhilesh and there is no need to thank me this is my family. Akash completed and Sigh as the world burden has been lift from his shoulder.

Every one smiled at Akash instinct but Mrs. Shah interrupted it by asking "Do Akhilesh still have to stay only in his room ?"

"No, that is not needed Baa but he have to be restricted to the house." Akash answered and saw two love birds smiling at each other.

An idea struck to Akash mind and he worked on it. "Bhabhi you do stay at Radha's room only. Akhilesh you can freely roam in the house but restrict yourself from touching any one or anything. We need to be careful."

Akash thought Akhilesh would clear everything now and he would tease Akhilesh with it for a very long time but instead his best friend gave him a shock. "No, I don't think I should roam in the house. I will be only limited to my room for the next 15 days. I will eat alone only and the door will be open but only Radha or Sonal can step in the room only for necessity."

Akash mouth was wide open, he didn't saw that coming form his love sick Brother in law. Sonal face was down and eyes full of tears. She controlled them thinking his husband at least would stay in the house. Mr. And Mrs. Shah agreed as it's for the family safety. Radha was looking at Akash and she knew something didn't fit right but she didn't gave any heed to the matter and focus on what Akhilesh was suggesting.

After 13 days.

Why don't you try to understand me, Akash ? Megha huffed as her husband continue to ignore her plea.

"You are not going there and that's final ?" Akash screamed at her crying wife.

Megha had been attempting to convince her husband to take her to Shah house which he is denying from last 14 days. As soon as his anger calm down he looked towards Megha who was silently folding her clothes.

"Akhilesh told me not to take you there, you need to understand that Megha." Akash tried his best to knock some sense in his pretty wife's mind.

"It's already more than 15 days ,......... Megha tried to argue but one look from Akash and she shut her mouth and forwarded her steps out of the room.

Next day,  At Shah house,

"Bhabhi, the sweet has turned out excellent." Radha excitedly announced tasting one of the sweet from the feast Sonal was preparing.

"Can I get to taste one ?" Mr. Shah eagerly asked and Mrs. Shah turned it down. "No, these are not for you."

"But I want to." Mr. Shah declared standing up.

"No means no, it's not healthy for you." Mrs. Shah denied him again.

"I think one sweet won't hurt." Mr. Shah denied backing down.

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