25. The past

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Akash woke up early and hurriedly left the house it was just 7:30 in the morning when he opened his medical Agency. He check the dispatch list of the delivery done yesterday and the packing of boxes done for today's order. He was engaging himself to work so his mind stop all the negative thoughts entering his mind.

After working for one hour straight he couldn't stop himself to wait for the message on his phone. He gave his number and Akhilesh to the lab assistant. He knew if the reports are positive he only had to break the news to all. His phone rang and he picked it up in a hurry. The lab assistant told him that Akhilesh reports are not positive but he can have minor 1% of infection.

Akash breathe out air of relief but the lab Assistant advice to have body Scanned for no room of doubt. If there is any chance of infection or virus in his system then others in the house could be affected. Akash understood the gravity of situation and for that he decided to let Akhilesh decide.

He called Akhilesh and confirm that nothing is serious he just need a body scan and level of infection once confirmed they can decide further.

Akash came to pick Akhilesh and take him for further check up. As he rang the doorbell Radha opened with a smile on her face and let him in. Mr Shah and Mrs Shah had been in the living while Sonal was preparing something in the kitchen.

Akhilesh opened the door of his bedroom and come out dress so that he could go with Akash. Where are you going ? Mr Shah asked his son.

We are heading towards lab to get a Body Scan for Akhilesh so that we can be 100% sure that there is no infection in his body.

"But Covid-19 report is Negative right ?" Mrs. Shah asked them.

"Yes, the report are Negative but I want to be 100% sure." Akhilesh explained his point of view.

"Okay, at what time will you be back ?" Radha asked them.

"Not sure, I will call you to give live updates." Akash conveyed to Radha Smiling and both of them moved out of the house.

Akhilesh seated on the passenger seat and lock the seat belt. He looked towards Akash and then said "Thank you so much jamai Raj. You have always been my constant support and I am very grateful to you for everything."

"You don't understand do you ? Akhilesh before Megha's husband I am your friend. We have face everything together, didn't we ?" Akash asked Akhilesh and Akhilesh nodded his adding

"I know but you married her and

Akhilesh looked towards Akash and he witnessed the same annoyed expression on his face which meant not go any further regarding the topic.

"I love your sister, my wife from a very long time. I didn't favour you, I just got luck in my favour when you broke her engagement.

Akash sighed and conveyed further

I should be thankful to you Akhilesh not the other way round. "

"Yes I know that but I am not grateful that you married her. I am grateful because you made her understand that I wanted best for her. You made her talk to me. You sort out our problem."

Akhilesh said as to make Akash understand how he made the difference.

"She knew that you did what was right but she couldn't come up to accept it." Akash stated the truth

"I broke her engagement because I knew they were greedy." Akhilesh said what was left unsaid.

"But she thought that no one will marry her. She was right though the situation in which her engagement broke was something hard to digest for our society. You are one of a kind Akhilesh." Akash chuckled at the thought of past.

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