1. Her Marriage

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"They said YES."

This was the word she wanted to hear long back, she was rejected by 5 families and lastly the people who came to see her from Baroda have given their answer. She was happy for her parents, finally someone agreed to marry her.

The engagement date was fix to be on next day and the boys family didn't ask for any kind of dowry. That was her biggest relief. Her father earnings  were limited to some thousands and she was the elder daughter in their family of 3 siblings. She didn't wanted to create problems in life of her family members.

She made sure not to upset her in laws in any ways and always respect and obey her husband. She always choose to be the person who can't be responsible for any problem. She wanted to be aloof from any kind of problems that can be problematic for her.

The engagement was done and marriage date was also fixed within 45 days. Everyone was happy and that was a big relief for the bride to be. No unwanted demands from groom side and no more problems to her parents for her marriage was her sole concern.

Before one week from marriage date

The 17 year old girl was to be married now within the span of one week and all the rituals were started just then she got to hear a thing about her groom which made her upset but now there was no way she could cancel the marriage. what she can do was to adjust herself with that 29 years old man.

The marriage was done in a good way without creating any problems for her family. The groom side was seen satisfied with the look on their faces and happiness was clearly visible there in eyes of both groom and bride's parents. The relief was, not for even once the bride parents were insulted for their financial status or there was any kind of demand or nuisance which relatives could come up with.

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