23. Prayer

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Sonal was trying to sleep but the restlessness in her heart deprived her the ability to sleep. She was missing her Akhilesh. He was world to her and right now she fear what would happen if the report declared him of being infected.

He had confessed the other night how much he loved her. They had decided to take a step further in their marriage. She remembered how her maternal cousin described being in love with your husband. Sonal was experiencing something similar.

She had been smiling as requested by her husband but she feared the outcome of the test. She trust her Mataji but what if God take away her life's every hope.

She was not able to think straight and so she got up and taking Megha's old clothes and towel stepped out of the room.

She took bath in the common bathroom with chill water at 3:00 in the morning and then cleaned the puja room. She had understood in her small life of seventeen years how God can change everything.

She lighted a Diya 🪔 and by folding her hands she started praying.

She was giving up all her worries to her lord and she trust him. He was her savior and she was only able to ask in front of him.

The Sun had rise but the Shah family was dreading from the upcoming news. The fear was high, no matter 3 months have passed the country experiencing the effect of the virus but this family is experiencing the situation now.

Many people were able to recover but some have lost their loved ones too. This virus had been responsible for the grief of millions but world is still suffering and know we can only bow to God for his blessings.

Radha woke up and found her room empty. She thought how could a girl similiar to her age going through so much still capable of her responsibility.

Once she was against the marriage, she thought a illiterate girl is not right for their family and when they visited her bhabhi family in her village she was surprised. Their parents were adamant for marrying their son to that particular girl.

After marriage there was many times Radha had pointed out to her mother that Sonal is no match to her Brother. Sonal silence was always question to her but she was caring, responsible and most of all "A girl with golden heart".

Radha had accepted her as her Bhabhi but she was still not comfortable with Sonal. Her ideas to worship her husband was beyond Radha's imagination. Radha shook her head and prayed to God to end their difficult times.

She stepped out of her room when she met silence in her house. She checked the wall clock and time in phone and was astonished to find that at 8:30 in the morning the house of quite.

She moved to kitchen but the kitchen was empty nothing was prepared. She moved towards her parents bedroom and found it empty. She feared them gone out of house. She checked the main door but it was locked from inside.

She ran towards the back door but that too was locked from inside. She went towards the puja room to check at last and then she would inform Akash about them missing but she found Sonal and her parents sitting in the puja room praying.

She moved towards her room silently and took a bath. She came down and started to boil water for tea. She started chopping onion and then make a dough for Paratha. It was 9:30 when she knocked on the bedroom door of Akhilesh.

Akhilesh opened the door and found Radha with a tray in her hand. He brought the disposal plates & cup. Radha fill the cup with tea and poha in the plate.

"Where is Baa- Bapuji and Sonal ?" Akhilesh questioned as yesterday they all would keep standing near the door if he was going to open it just to look at him.

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