27. The Red Saree

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"The Red Saree"

"I know you wanted it but you didn't said anything there, but why ?" Akhilesh questioned her as he didn't want to assume things on its own.

"Megha Ben taught me to see the price, it had 3 zero at the end so I didn't want to waste money on this saree. It was too costly and Baa told me never to waste money."  Sonal told her end of the story.

"You might have misunderstood Sonal, Baa asked me herself to purchase some Saree

"No, no. Not our Baa my Baa. My mother asked me to never waste money on clothes or any other Luxurious items. Only food is something we should spend money on else every thing  is a waste." Sonal cleared his confusion and also explained her mother's teaching.

"No, that's not true Dhingli. Sometimes these clothes are Gifts which we give to our loved ones to show are love." Akhilesh said.

"But we can have clothes that are less expensive, no need to purchase costly things." Sonal express herself.

"Might be but money doesn't matter when we do things for our loved ones. People whom we love, for those whom we care we should not see the money. Just as today we gave Bapuji a Birthday Surprise because we love him. We gave him the thing which he required the most, his family and you desired this saree so I gifted it to you. Every one has different needs and Everyone has different ways to express their love." Akhilesh explained with sincerity in his words.

Sonal nodded and asked "Does this Red Saree is your love for me ?"

"No, It's my way to express the love I have for you." Akhilesh replied her.

"I love you." Sonal confessed with a shy smile on her face.

"I love you too." Akhilesh said and kissed her to seal their moment of love.

He broke the Kiss and requested her "Sonal I want you to wear it for me. I can wait to be yours."

"I will change and come."

Akhilesh was waiting for her, his wife. The woman who took away his heart in most possible manner but still he wanted to prove his love to her. Sonal is innocent and he never wanted to take any advantage of her still he sometimes couldn't hold himself back.

Akhilesh thoughts broke as soon as Sonal opened the door and then shut it. Akhilesh eyes just stuck on his beauty. This girl is his death for sure.

Sonal left her long hair opened. She was wearing no jewellery except her Mangalsutra. She had wore her saree in the North Indian style wear her Saree pallu rest on her right shoulder.

Today was exceptional for both of them, if truth to be told both were waiting for this day as it would complete them and their marriage in every manner. This relationship had always faced something unsaid but today Akhilesh wanted no emotion to be left unsaid.

She slowly moved her steps towards him and stood on her toes taking the required support for Akhilesh. She kissed him and then Akhilesh grab her from the waist and crushed her to his chest.

He deepen their kiss that made her out of breath. He understood her state and left her. She looked at him and hugged him as there was no tomorrow.

It was just with that moment Akhilesh realised how much he loved her that her smallest inconvenience was also not tolerable to him.

He confessed "I love you more than I love myself."

She reciprocated "I love you more than I have the capacity to love."

Akhilesh made her sit on the bed and kissed her forehead. She hold his hand and kissed them. He kissed her and her pallu fell down. He looked at her with sincerity and she could only shy in front of him.

"Just trust me, I would never force you or make you do something you don't like." He assured her and she smiled "I know but I want you to tell me everything you want and never to hold yourself back. I want your and my happiness together. I was not angry because you hide from us something. I was angry about the reason. You wanted to know something than ask me I will be truthful to you as you ask me to be but never assume things on your own and do such things to know about it because that's what hurts the most."

"I promise you my Dhingli, I would always ask you directly and I would never pull such stunt again." Akhilesh promised.

Sonal kissed him with all the love. She opened the button of his Kurta and he helped her removing it. Akhilesh kissed her neck and travelled his lips around her bosom.

He opened the button of her blouse and she shyed away. He took that clue and dimmed the lights of the bedroom.

"Thank you." Sonal said

"For ?" Akhilesh questioned.

"Every thing." Sonal said and kissed him again.

He showed his love to her and she submitted herself to him with a promise till eternity.

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