4. New day

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It was a new day, she woke up early as her routine though her eyes were red and she didn't get full sleep still she got up and did her morning chores. She was always asked to do that from her mother. As a child she was obedient and she was love by all because of her nature.

She was child at heart. Her age was 17 but she was mature because of her family's financial condition.

She walked out of the room fearing what if all the ladies would have wake up before her and questioned her to be late but as she roam around the house she witnessed just Silence, no one had woke up that early after a tiering marriage and journey of four hours with followed rituals to be performed.

While roaming around the house, she witnessed some sunlight from that small space between the floor and door it took for her half an hours of fighting with her inner self but she decided to open it.

what if she disturb someone, she thought first but after Losing battle with her curiosity she finally opened the door pressing the handle towards downward and witnessed a very pleasant view for her eyes.

It was a big balcony just like a open terrace with lots of pot full with mud and plants growing from it. Plants like jasmine and roses vowed in them.

She was happy seeing that terrace on the first floor of the house and she noticed a stairs right behind her. She climbed the stairs and there was a big terrace in which she landed up, which was quite surprising for her. She thought for a while and then it came to her mind that she has to do all the work of this house single handedly and it will take her whole day.

She was in her thoughts when she saw her shadow and Surya puja came up to her mind. She quickly rushed down to the kitchen and then she searched for a pot. After getting it she filled it with water and quickly moved up to the terrace she did her puja and came back downstairs. She noticed a small puja room and started cleaning it and then lighted up the diya and started praying. She took the agarbatti and then roam in house, to spread it's fragrance.

Akhilesh mother got up when the fragrance of agarbatti came to her nose. She came out of her room and witnessed her new daughter in law was so much into prayer and mostly She was awake that early when the clock has just tucked 7:00.

Sonal Smiled seeing her mother in law and took her blessings. Akhilesh mother blessed wholeheartedly was very happy seeing her like that. Sonal asked her mother in law for any work to be done by her which Akhilesh mother quickly denied and she left to fresh n up.

Akhilesh had 2 younger sisters and was the first child of his parents. He took all the responsibility of the house after completing his studies and was engrossed in business from nearly 8 years.

Around 8' clock every one in the house got up but still Akhilesh was sleeping hard. His mother asked his sister to go and wake him up. Taking the chance the elder daughter asked Sonal to wake her husband up and as Sonal vowed to never say no to her in laws she agreed quickly and went to her bedroom.

Akhilesh was in deep sleep and Sonal was confused how to wake him up ?
For that she thought for a while and after gathering some courage and making clear to her mind about asking forgiveness like last night quickly, she shake him for more than 3 times and Akhilesh was wide awake by now.

He saw her and passed her a Smile, she too Smiled at him and then informed "Maa is calling you to come out."

He replied an okay as a answer. She moved out of the room and Akhilesh eye roam in the room. He smiled as he now was a married man and his wife was waiting for him.

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