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Adventures Of Woman Of The House 🔥 by LilyAndrew7
Adventures Of Woman Of The House 🔥by Lily Andrew
Follow inside the book to know story of housewife who take cares of her husband house,his son and his family🥵
Someone Else by xDontYouLoveMe
Someone Elseby xDontYouLoveMe
Every two months they would go to her father in law, spending a whole weekend there. But one weekend, changed éverything. * English is not my first language, so mistakes...
What IF This Happened by 123polite
What IF This Happenedby 123polite
This book is based on Kartik and Naira 's life with their son and daughter in law How are both of them going to get bonded with their daughter in law? How are they goin...
Friends (Nichel) by Smurfcat666
Friends (Nichel)by Napoleon
Rachel Green is getting married soon with Maxwell Sheffield, a marriage arranged by their families. What no one knows is that Niles, the butler, is secretly in love with...
Behind the Mask✔ by SophieOna
Behind the Mask✔by SophieOna
What's a family without drama? Jasmine's family is full of it only that her family's drama is a nightmare. How can she cope with a father who hates her and relatives th...
Marry Me? - A Destiel/Sabriel Fluff Fanfiction by supermario64wii
Marry Me? - A Destiel/Sabriel Mario (Fanboy)
(Cover credits to  Dean has been in a long going relationship for 10 years now with his boyfrie...
Dil Ke Bandhan by Anamika_anu
Dil Ke Bandhanby Anamika_Vineet
UPDATE - ONCE A MONTH _____________________________ When you love someone, age doesn't matter. In love, everything seems to be right. One should be conscious while choos...
Qalbi Almuhatim (My Broken Heart) by lopa22joshi
Qalbi Almuhatim (My Broken Heart)by Lopa
Love is complex. It is a mix of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with strong feelings of affection, protectiveness, warmth, and respect for another person. Bu...
The Tangled Strands  by Sharlynn3
The Tangled Strands by Sharlynn3
When a heartbreak leads a young woman to a one night stand, she never expects it to change the course of her life. But discovers this one night stand is more of fate as...
Dear diary,  by secretsofateenmom
Dear diary, by Secretsofateenmom
Daily entries. (Or once a week) Enjoys my day to day life.
The Chateau by Dredge116
The Chateauby Dredge
Melody Stryker is a singer and she's going through a tough time. So, her manager tells her to take some time off. Melody takes the much needed break, but she doesn't kno...
The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving  | #JustWriteIt #HolidayChaos by BethWin70
The Christmas Gift That Keeps On BethWin70
Charlotte is doing her good deed for Christmas by babysitting her sisters toddler at a moments notice - even though she should be packing a suitcase to spend Christmas...
Halal Boy by Bilblink
Halal Boyby Nini Blink
................ Oº°'¨ [A cute story of a Muslim Boy And Girl] ¨'°ºO ............... "'*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*')¸.•*' ♥«'¨'•°..[Read the story to know Ayan and Anaya]..°•'¨'...
Double Secrets by debbiefdiamond
Double Secretsby debbiefdiamond
As Mystery B looked at him, her heart sped up and she struggled to regain her calm demeanor, but she smiled and turned to her manager and said with a smile on her face a...
The Purest Bond Of Life: Sisters' Bond (Slow Updates) by parinidhi_05
The Purest Bond Of Life: Sisters' parinidhi_05
This story is about two sisters- Swara and Pakhi. Different nature Different Choices Different Career Different Life Yet, same love for each other What will happen wh...
Dramatic Arranged Marriage by kaaaz11
Dramatic Arranged Marriageby kaaaz
This is a story of a teenage girl, and her struggles as she learns that everything in life comes with a price and is not as easy as she thought.
A girl with good HEART is always UNLUCKY in relationship by ruqsar786
A girl with good HEART is always ruqsar begum
Hi, I am Ruqsar, and this is my second story which is based on real life of one of my friend. I hope you all will like my story and don't forget to leave your valuable c...