33. The Journey

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"Bapuji had called Mota bhai here and they are going tomorrow to Bhabhi's house." Megha informed Radha who was reading a book.

"Radha closed her book and kept it aside. What are they planning now ?" Radha questioned.

I don't know! Megha replied.

"You are really siding with them in all this ?" Radha wondered.

"No, they did wrong. I don't know the reason behind their lies but one thing is for sure, Bhabhi was not involved. She is just a victim." Megha pour out her thoughts.

"Yes, she is a victim but of what ? She got Married.
She had wonderful life.
How did bhai got to know about her lie ?"
Radha inquired.

"I don't know but she stayed with this fear for 6 months and that is tough."

"I don't think it's tough. She hide it with ease. She did what she was asked to do. She could have easily tell the truth but she choose to hide it.

"Radha, in marriage you don't want to lie or hide something from your partner. You want everything Perfect and if it's not you want to make it perfect. She didn't betrayed Mota bhai, she just needed to save their marriage and she did, what was needed." Megha explained.

"I guess, I need to clear many stuff before my marriage. I can't trust anyone now but bhabhi is innocent. She can't do all this by herself." Radha concluded.

"When is Mota bhai coming home ?" Radha further inquired.

"Tomorrow Morning, they will leave together from here."

Baa and Sonal

"Sonal tomorrow we are going to your father's house. Make sure you pack everything that is needed and don't take any Gold jewellery with you. I wish of giving them to Radha in her marriage." Mrs. Shah informed Sonal.

Her mother in law words filled her eyes with tears. She had lost whatever hope was left in her.

"Okay Baa." Sonal replied and moved towards her bedroom.

Sonal entered her bedroom and closed the door. She started crying as this may be her last day in this House. She looked around her room and memories flooded her mind.

She remembered Akhilesh pulling her leg when she had no clue. She remembered the bathroom incident, when Akhilesh got hurt. She remembered how bold she was confessing her love for him.

She remembered how slowly he made her comfortable with him. How they would play games at night he would explain her things about world or he would teach her how to use the phone.

Just like yesterday she remembered, Megha bringing her in this room and for the first time she saw her husband, her Akhilesh. She Chuckled remembering the memory and sat on the bed, crying. She will lose everything tomorrow.

She stood up and opened her cupboard. She removed her "Red Saree" and hug it close to her. She lay on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Next day, Morning

Sonal was offering her prayers when Akhilesh entered the house after 2 nights. It was irony for her, she entered this house with him and now she will leave this house for him.

Radha was setting the breakfast and helping Megha out. Mr. and Mrs. Shah were getting ready for the journey.

Akhilesh saw his sisters after the fiasco. He couldn't understand what to tell them or what to expect from them.

He quietly waited for sonal to exit the bedroom. "She is in the prayer room, you can go and change." Akhilesh heard Megha and moved towards his bedroom.

He took out his clothes and went to the bathroom. After having bath he came out of the bathroom and saw Sonal sitting on the bed.

Sonal stood up as she saw him coming out. Akhilesh hang his towel on the rack and put forward his steps to exit the bedroom.

"I wanted to ask something." Sonal stated.

Akhilesh turned and stood there without saying anything. Sonal got the hint and asked " Baa ask me to pack everything else other than Gold ornaments. I don't want anything just the "Red Saree".

"You can take everything with you. No need to left behind anything that was gifted to you." Akhilesh stated and started marching outside.

" I have kept the money you gave me to you under your shop clothes." Sonal said as she saw her husband leaving the room.

She took quick step and stop him from exiting. "You said, I can take whatever was gifted to me. God gifted you to me. I just want you."

Sonal had tears in her eyes. She looked into his eyes and saw pain. "This is really difficult Sonal, don't push me more or I won't be able to do that is required."

"What is required ?" Sonal questioned.

"You are a minor.

"I was a minor.

"Let's not go there. Get ready we are leaving after breakfast." Saying this, he was gone from her eye sight.

Mr. and Mrs. Shah were waiting in the hall for Sonal to come out. Akhilesh came inside the house to check what's running them late.

After seeing him, Mr. Shah replied "let her take her own time, what's the rush ?"

"We have to return tonight

Akhilesh was saying when the bedroom door open. Sonal was wearing the same "Red Saree" which he had gifted her. She had her Mangalsutra around her neck and small imitation earings on her ear. She had wore some glass bangles in her hand.

Mr. and Mrs. Shah stood up and walked towards the door, followed by Sonal. Akhilesh asked Megha to stay some more days there and exited the house.

They reached the bus station in 2 different rikshaw one with Ladies and other with Gents. White boarding the Bus Akhilesh asked his parents to sit next to Sonal and both of them agreed.

The journey was silent and Sad. Akhilesh and Sonal were traveling for the last time together. They have travelled together from her village to here for the first time and then from his house to get village for the last time.

Irony is she many times throught this day would come but the pain was now unbearable. She was crying silently and tears tears were not hide from her in laws or her Husband.

Mr. and Mrs. Shah were oddly silent, the promise to keep Sonal happy was now broken and so now they have to face the truth, they can't turn their back on it.

Sonal hadn't eaten anything from the day Akhilesh has left the house. She had drank 3 glass of water and too on persistence of Megha and Radha. It seemed she was punishing herself but now Mrs Shah had enough of her daughter in law stupidity.

She asked Akhilesh to bring something to eat and asked him to hand it over to Sonal as she haven't eaten anything since he left the house.

The news came shocking to Akhilesh. He had known that Sonal was eating only one time when he was exposed to Covid but now this girl had gone mad.

His heart clutched, how she was able to never show her love yet she would confess by her every action. He got down fro the bus and bought a tea and pack of biscuit.

He handed them to sonal and she quietly took it and started sipping the Tea. She didn't wanted to lose the moment where for one last time he cared for her.

After knowing the truth, sonal was not able to look at him without feeling his pain and might be today is the last day she would see him in person, where She would have a right on him.

From tomorrow might be she would wake as left married women and her life would be waste.

She drank the tea and as thought by Radha she had carried a plastic bag to collect Garbage. She put the glass in it and pass the packet to her mother in law.

She looked at Akhilesh and saw him munching on biscuits. She kept looking at him till the bus reached her village.

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