19. Blooming Romance

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(English translation in the brackets.)

He leaned more close to her and asked "Can I kiss on your lips ?"

Sonal eyes widened at his questions but the sincerity in his voice melted her every fear. She blinked her eyelashes as signal for assurance and Akhilesh leaned towards her lips while she has goosebumps all over her body.

He knew her reaction towards his touch but tonight he wanted his every action to be comforting her. His right hand was holding her waist while his thumb was busy drawing patterns on her waist. He had cupped her face with his left hand. Every inch of her body was reacting under his touch.

He slowly initiated the kiss but with Sonal mouth close he didn't get the chance to enter her mouth. He slightly pinched her on waist and Sonal reacted with a mouth open.

As Akhilesh got a chance he sucked her lower lip first and then the upper lip. Sonal didn't reciprocate his kiss but she allowed him to have his ways with her.

He was having his time of life that very moment. He left her mouth to breath but he didn't stop. He kissed behind her ears. He was aware of Sonal's soft spot so he licked her ears as if they were delicious.

He always enjoyed making her nervous but what he didn't knew was she was becoming master in knowing his weakness too. Sonal hands were free and Akhilesh was grabbing her from the right side. She started roaming her fingers around his navel and Akhilesh hold began to loosen under the effect of his wife seductive touch.

Sonal was able to free herself from his grip easily. she sat on the bed with her legs folded. She started to tickle him on his stomach and Akhilesh had a hard time controlling his laugh.

He grabbed her arms and pulled her closer. She put her head on his chest and closed her eyes. Akhilesh too secure her in his arms and slept with a content smile on his face.

Next morning

Akhilesh was ready for shop and Radha was sitting on the sofa sipping the morning tea lazily.

Akhilesh - Corona kal ma fayda toh taro brabar no che.

(In the situation of Corona, you are benifited the most.)

Without giving any heed to Akhilesh, Radha quietly finished her tea and got up from the place. She was angry with him for sure, Akhilesh thought. She didn't give him a be-fitting reply means he had to bribe her now.

He waited for his morning tea while sitting on the dinning table reading the newspaper but Sonal was not in the Kitchen to serve him. He stood up and look around for Radha but she was not downstairs.

His Baa was also not present in the living room or kitchen. He thought to make his own tea, so he started to find a tea pot. Sonal entered the kitchen from the back door and saw Akhilesh in the kitchen.

"I am sorry. I thought you must be in the room." She snatched the tea pot from Akhilesh hands and started the gas while adding water. Akhilesh has been amused with her fear for him. Why does she think I will scold her ? He thought.

Meanwhile his Baa entered from the back door and saw Akhilesh and Sonal in the kitchen.

Tu ane rasoda ma ? Chu thayu ?
(You in the kitchen ? What happened ?) Baa asked Akhilesh amused.

Kai pan nai. (Nothing) he replied.

Sonal do you kept my orange file anywhere ? Akhilesh directed his question towards her and her facial expressions changed. Her eyebrows were up, thinking "orange file". Her mind signalled "No file".

Sonal turned towards Akhilesh with head down. He Smirked while looking at his wife. He knew she was tensed. Sonal took a breath before speaking, "I don't know but I can find it. Give me some time." She excused herself from there and run towards her bedroom.

Akhilesh smiled watching her running but when he forwarded step towards his room Mrs. Shah hold his hand.

Shu karyu tuye? (What you did?) Mrs Shah with angry voice and a suppressed smile on her face. Mother - Son laughed at the expense of poor innocent Sonal. 😉😉😉😉
She was not able to guess he did it on purpose.

Akla ma bolava mate ki biju vichar toh ? (You could have find some other reason to meet her in personal.) Mrs. Shah asked Akhilesh mischievously.

"I like to scare her now, because she won't cry now nor she says Sorry. I hope she soon start to understand our pranks." Akhilesh replied while blushing to his mother.

Mrs. Shah put her hand on his Son's head and wished. "Kanha ji Always keep you smiling. I love to see your happy face."

Akhilesh quickly hugged her mother and run towards the room. He was sure she would have taken out every file till now.

Akhilesh entered the room and saw Sonal quietly sitting on the bed. He closed the door and stood beside her.

"What do you want to talk?" She questioned and Akhilesh eyes widened. "I know there is no orange file over here." Akhilesh was astonished that his wife was learning fast.

I am impressed!! Akhilesh expressed his self and holding her both hands in his he quickly rested on his shoulders. He put his hands on the waist and kiss her right cheek. Sonal blushed under his touch and put her head on his chest.

"You take Radha with you and meet me after lunch at Megha's house. We will discuss the things which were left last night." Akhilesh said.

She removed her head from his chest and looked at him. She slowly rise towards his face and Akhilesh supported her with his hand on her back. He thought she would kiss on his cheek but her lips directed towards his lips.

She kissed him on lips for a nono second and removed his hands from her back. Akhilesh was surprised by her little act. Before he could say anything she moved out of the room quietly. She filled the cup of tea and put it on the table.

He came out of room with his bag in his hand and quickly drank the tea and left for shop.

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