30. The Birth Day

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"See, I want to gift her something which she would like, you known which she could use. Something which can have a personal touch. Something like, that could bring smile on her face something which...

"Akhilesh wait yaar, look he is just ranting something like.. something like... and to be honest, here nothing is helping Yaar. This way if we are thinking then even if we roam around the whole Baroda then also we are not going to find anything for gifting Bhabhi." Akash enlightened all the 3 Siblings.

"Jamai Raj is right, Mota Bhai. I think we should try to understand what Bhabhi wants, what she actually needs for herself. See she doesn't desire materialistic things but she have not once celebrated her Birthday. She didn't even knew her Birthdate Mota Bhai. We have to think the simple yet something Heart Touching for her." Radha exclaimed.

"What do you all suggest ?" Akhilesh inquired.

"I think we should celebrate her Birthday. She loves to eat jalebi, so instead of Birth cake, we can celebrate her Birthday with her Favorite Sweets. All of us and even Bhabhi's Parents can be here to attend her Birthday. We can invite them and we would celebrate her Birthday where every one is present and she could sit with all of us and enjoy her day." Megha suggested.

All the six eyes stared at her. Megha looked at each one of them and asked "what happened ?"

"If you have such awesome ideas with you then why sometimes you give us your idiotic ideas ?" Radha questioned her.

Megha's eyes got bigger and she looked away, sipping on her beverage she tried to avoid her younger sister comment. It was shock to the 3 of them as Megha always wants to celebrate everything Grand but just for Sonal Birthday, Megha had the Perfect way to Surprise her and celebrate the Birthday in a manner where Sonal can be comfortable.

"Really Megha's Idea is great, what do you think Akhilesh ?" Akash questioned.

"Her idea is Perfect but the question still remains the same what should I gift her ?

Raksha karo Mataji !!! Both Radha and Megha exclaimed together depicting Sonal by joining their hands and bowing their heads in front of Akhilesh.

Akash laughed at their Act and Akhilesh chose to ignore the three idiots Sitting in front of him.


Akhilesh was scrolling on Facebook when his eyes landed on a beautiful Saree. It was again a Red Saree which had attracted him. From the day he had Imagined Sonal in red color dress, he can't think of any other color suiting his beauty but he have to decide something else this time.

He already gifted Sonal a Red Saree and now again he wanted to see her in that color but he thought to refrain himself from gifting her anything related to red color or a Saree.

Akhilesh remembered Megha's words "Something which she enjoys"

What is there in this world which my wife can enjoy to her fullest ?

She is scared of most of adventure trips, I don't want to visit temple with her, let me take her on a trip but where ?

No but my Girl is more found of Food. CHINESE!!!!

yes, how can I forget, she loves Chinese.

no, Megha has ordered Sweets and Namkeen, if I will say Chinese Megha will kill me. I can't gift her Gold, I don't have that much money. Moreover my Marriage expenses were also high. now my Budget is around 5000 and I still have no plan what to gift Sonal.

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