6. New talks

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Akhilesh sensed someone present in the room and moved his eyes to watch Sonal standing some steps away from the bed.

He called her name and her trance broke down, now Akhilesh was watching her but she was in fear about how to justify herself of being zoned out because of the thing in his hand.

While she was mentally running the battle in her mind, Akhilesh got the chance of observing her in peace. She was speaking in mind and he was not able to take off his eyes from her face.

There they got disturbed again by the Mobile ringing. It was work call for Akhilesh and he got busy with it. She being the obedient one stood there till he completes the call.

When he sensed she was waiting he hurriedly cut his call and then asked her "Do you want anything ?"

Sonal not letting go her chance to inform him quickly replied " I just came to rest over here.

He smiled at her and nodded his head understanding that him being in the room, she could not rest and taking her comfort prior to his work he exited the room mentioning "wake up till lunch time."

He sighed thinking there's more wait written for him to come close to his wife. He went out and sat next to his mother on the sofa of the living room.

After 2 hours

It was almost 12:30 when Akhilesh entered his bedroom. He found his newly wedded wife sleeping in peace. He was not there to wake her up, he wanted to recheck the guest list for tomorrow's function.

He searched for the file every where in his cupboard but then it clicked him that for giving space to his wife, he moved them to side table drawer.

He collected the file and then a thought crossed his mind why not spending some time looking at her. He went near the bed and started looking at her face.

She was in heavy sleep. Her nose was slant big but it suits her straight face. She has black eyeballs but it had a slight grey colour hint but just slight. Her lips were light nude. It didn't had any radiance of Colour.

He was busy admiring her. He got the chance to look at her and fulfill his wish. He was happy that he finally have someone in his life when he knew that he was not right for her. Wasn't it wrong that she was not able to get even primary education.

Her father had told him how poor her family is that she used to work in saree factory in her village to earn money. He was happy that at least she will now be able to lead a comfortable life with him.

But he was also guilty that a young 21 year old girl was married to him just because her father didn't had Money to pay off the dowry. In which kind of world we stay he was not able to understand.

His mobile rang again. It break his trance and her sleep at once. The Mobile was still ringing but the weded husband and wife were busy looking at each other, without uttering a word.

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