21. I love you

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"No one has seen me like this ..

And no one will ever see you like this, except me". He completed her incomplete sentence.

He came close to her and looked into her eyes. He couldn't miss her tearful eyes and then something deep inside him shouted that she isn't comfortable with him.

He couldn't torture her more, neither himself by being the reason of her discomfort, so he looked away from her and asked her to "Wear your Night dress."

He seated at the edge of the bed and covered his face with his hands. He knew something was wrong but what ?
They were happy. Atleast he was!!

Does she love me ? He again questioned himself.

He saw her coming towards the bed. He feared the conversation but then he sighed releasing his breath like he was holding it for a very long time.

She seated beside him and looked at him. Without looking at her, he questioned her, "Do you want to be with me ?"

"Forever." She replied.

His eyes grew wider at her one word statement. He looked at her with a wide smile on his face, all his worry and fear were flushed out of his brain. He saw her smiling and that smile was real, she wasn't faking it.

"Why were you crying back then ?" He asked holding her hands in his.

"I feared you would reject me." She said and a tear fall from her left cheek.

He Chuckled on her reply and her fear both. "Never, I promise you. I will never do that. I can never think of it my dhingli (doll) because I love you." He confessed with utmost sincerity in his voice and she felt happy tears flowing from her eyes.

Her mother always said There should be love between husband and wife for a happy marriage. Her husband just said them that means he will always take care of her. He will be there for her.

He wiped those tears which always made him worried. He knew this are happy tears of her but still he couldn't allow her to cry.

She said with hiccups. "Tame mane bav vhala cho." (You are very dear to me.)

She hugged him still crying and making his T-shirt wet. He surrounded his arms around her waist and pulled more closer to him.

He had always waited for her. He took small steps to make her fall for him but today he wanted to break himself free and claim her. He couldn't wait more.

He kissed her on the cheeks and move down towards her long neck. She clutched his T-shirt inside her fist and leaned towards him.

He pushed her on the bed and havoc his body on her. He supported his weight on both his arms and opened the button of her gown.

She melted in his soft torture and was all giving to him. He tried removing his t - shirt but hissed in pain. Sonal sat straight and examine his cut. There was no blood coming from the cut but still the Tumeric dabbed on the cut was wiped out. It wiped off as soon as Akhilesh tried removing his t-shirt.

Sonal got worried for the cut and then she questioned him "Where is the First Aid kit ?"

"There is no need of it. You come close to me." He stated clearly cupping her face in his hands.

"Tell me." She demanded.

"No." He argued.

She removed his hand from her face and step down from the bed. She moved out of the room and switch on the light of hall.

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