2. Her New Home

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There she entered her new house in baroda after the journey of four hours in the car from her village. she cried a lot hugging her parents and loved ones and she wished for just a stable life without any complications. she got to know that her husband owns a showroom of toys in Baroda and she wished and pray for his success.

Her first step in that house was welcomed and then all the after marriage rituals were started. She was teased by his family and putting her head down she was praying for a easy life in this house.

She was brought up in a very small house compared to that of her in laws. The house was so big that her happiness could be seen in her eyes. She had always sacrificed her happiness for others. She had never in her dreams thought of getting married in such a rich family. She now will not have to wear someone else clothes nor she have to work hard to earn money.

Her happiness lived for sometime because her major concern stuck in her mind which she forget after seeing the lavish house, "The wedding night". Her married cousin sister made it clear to her about the pain she have to go through and there was no way any girl could avoid it.

The idea to be with a unknown man in a room only brought goosebumps to her. she was scared but the preaching of her cousins was to not to say "NO" to her husband for anything he wished for.

During the rituals of opening the knot of a sacred thread tied on wrist while performing puja (prayer) for a marriage without problem Akhilesh elbow touched her arms and in that slight moment Sonal body was stiffened which didn't go unnoticed by her, how his touch could affect her.

The touch brought the same effect on Akhilesh. He always wanted someone to be his and he had many hopes from the wedding to cherish his life and her life too. He was a man of patience, he knew his bride is young and from a very different background so he have to be more acceptable to her.

After the completion of rituals....

While opening the door of the bedroom Akhilesh married younger sister Megha spoke " Bhabhi, I know you must be scared but my brother is a gentleman he would never do anything that could hurt you and I wish you to lead a happy married life with him."

She closed the door from outside and now Sonal was alone in that room. She lifted her viel up concluded it was a big room with purple colour painted on it walls and then there was a bed attached to wall and side table attached to the bed. Next to bed there were 2 cupboards with a slight distance and a A/C in that room. She was stunned to see that machine hanging on the wall, she never saw any machine like that in her village, it was new to her.

While inside Sonal was confused about that machine Akhilesh was outside stunned by his sister's demands. He knew they will demand neek ( money ) but after handling his wallet and all the 3 credit cards still they were not satisfied. Finally his mother interfered and solved the matter.

Akhilesh finally got to entered in his bedroom and got the chance to meet his new bride. He saw that she was continuously jumping to touch the A/C and he was surprised how in that lengha sometimes before she was not able to walk properly and now she was so full of energy that she didn't noticed him inside the room.

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