35. Back to home

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Akhilesh stretched his hand to ring the bell but before that Megha opened the door and quickly hugged Sonal. She was happy for her Bhabhi. She welcomed them inside the house and requested everyone to change quickly while she heated the food.

Radha was setting the table when Akhilesh came out of his room after refreshing up. Megha and Radha had cooked food as it was a celebration in the house. Akhilesh was astonished as his sisters were the one who had initially rejected this alliance and now when he wanted to break this marriage they didn't support him instead they supported Sonal.

What magic this girl had that even after finally deciding to end this marriage, reaching her home and communicating the same to her parents, he couldn't do so. He was worried for her. He realised his love for her and her importance in his life.

Akhilesh train of thoughts comes to an end when Mrs. Shah shook her son and asked him to eat. Akhilesh nodded his head and focused on his food. It was later at night Akhilesh decided to talk with Sonal.

He entered his room and called her out. She was arranging her clothes in the cupboard. She turned and smiled at him. His heart saddened seeing her smiling.

He sits on the bed and signals her to do the same. Sonal sat beside him. "I know you must be thinking, I have accepted you but that's not true Sonal.

"Then what is the truth ?

You are sharing this room with me. Doesn't that mean something ?"

It does and that is why I want to clear out everything. We are husband and wife but the truth showed me you in a new light. I don't know how to explain to you but I can't be the same with you and you can't be the same to my eyes and mind."

"I understand but you didn't tell your parents anything when they didn't left me at my father's home, why ?"

"Your father knows about everything that happened here Sonal. He explained to me the reason behind our marriage and I can't deny it but if that situation was upon me I would have acted the same way.

"He knows?

"Yes and he didn't requested me to change my decision. He already knew I was confused. He asked the right questions and gave me a clear picture of our scenario.

Still I don't think we can be same as before. I would never forget the lies nor I could further trust you with these matters but that doesn't mean I won't be here for you. I would never leave you because I can't. I won't be able to live without you. I love you but I don't trust you right now.

Sonal pressed her lips between her teeth. She wanted to shout, cry and ask many questions but she couldn't. She controlled herself.

I won't lie but I need time, you need time. I would never back down from my responsibility and I would never ask you to back down ever.

Sonal sat with a thud on the bed and tears flowed uncontrollably from her eyes. What a irony was in front of her. She saved her relation and lost the main essence of her marriage "TRUST".

He loved her as a wife but couldn't trust her. She can't justify her doing but she have to live with it. Akhilesh sat their with her. He removed a small box from the side table and directed towards her.

She had her eyes closed, so to gain her attention he tap on her shoulder. She moved her head towards his face and he pointed out the box.

She raised her eyebrows and he again forwarded the box. She took the hold of the box and kept it aside. She was interested in talking to him and here he was interested in that box.

"Open this box."

"I don't want to."

"You don't want your Birthday Gift ?"

She looked towards him and asked "Will you accept me ?"

"We are never going to be apart except death. I promise you, I would never leave you."

She hugged him and he reciprocate.

Their life will be hard but life can never be a bed full of roses afterall. You have to go through the ups and down in life to live it fully.

Sonal broke the hug and Akhilesh opened the box. It contained a Pendent with "A" shape. She smiled at him and hold his hand. Akhilesh took her in his arms and promised to never leave her.

MR.and MRS. SHAH bedroom.

"You were right, he didn't leave her at her home."

"Akhilesh mother, you would never understand a man. It is said that understanding a women is hard but understanding a human is most difficult. We are selfish and we can't let go of someone who loves us so much"

"You are right. I was worried for both but now I am relieved."

"It will take time for everything to settle. I hope Radha won't take any wrong understanding from this."

"Megha is there. She will handle Radha."

"I know, we can trust her. I was worried when during Akhilesh marriage she got to know everything and still she hid it from All of them."

"I know, when she confronted us back then I was worried but she understood us. She didn't even disclose the real reason behind this marriage."

"She truly kept her promise. I hope she will always retain this understanding and supportive nature of her."

Megha and Akash bedroom

"Krishna ji you saved everything and everyone."

"When that day Bapuji called and declared about Sonal going back, I was worried."

"True Akash, I was also worried. I didn't knew his plan back then and I thought

"Everything is good now, we all are happy."

"I am also very happy Megha. We will go to Dr. Alka clinic tomorrow for check up and if everything turns out as we hope our happiness will be double."

Megha couldn't hide her blush and ordered

"Let's sleep for now."

Both hugged each other and dozed off.

2 years later.

"Sonal ja Radha ne niche lai aav." Mrs. Shah asked Sonal.
(Go and bring Radha downstairs.)

It was a big day for the Shah's. Radha had finally graduated and that too with a Gold Medal from M.S. UNIVERSITY OF BARODA. The dream which Akhilesh had wished for was finally fullfilled. Every body in house had planned a surprise party for her.

Akash was not present there as due to conference on awareness about different symptoms of new Covid variants were held. Megha was staying at parents home when Aakash was away. It was hard for her to handle the Little bundle of joy.she had given birth to a baby girl 15 months ago and from then onwards Nitiya had been apple of eye to both the families.

Radha came down and saw her parents, Siblings and even little NITIYA in a black graduation gown. Every one at once wished her "congratulations"

Radha smiled heartily how her success had been celebrated in her home. Sonal brought the famous Suji Cake of Shah house as she was now dressed in the black gown.

"Thank you." Radha could not say anything more, she was overwhelmed with all the love her family had given her.

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