24. Hope

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So that girl is illiterate and she is living in a village where she has no idea about the outer world. You both really think getting married her to bhai is justice to him." Megha opposed not believing in her parents idea of marrying Akhilesh to a village girl.

"She is just 20 and bhai is 29 do you really want to get him married to her ?" Radha spoke softly making her parents give a second thought about their decision.

"She can be no match to bhai." Megha gave an ultimatum.

"Megha, what problem do you have ?" Mrs. Shah asked not able to understand her daughter oppose.

"Problem is I am not able to understand when we can search for a good bride who is equal to bhai in all sense why don't we do that instead of marrying him to a village girl!!!" Megha spoke with hatred in her voice.

"Moti Ben is right. Mota bhai is such a good man he doesn't deserve some village girl. Why you both don't understand that he deserves a much better bride." Radha supported Megha.

"Your mother didn't even knew how to count money when I married her, she was just a 11 years old who knew nothing about anything in the world still I married her and I was 25 at the time of our marriage. She was living in village at that time, I am a village man myself. We both belong to a schedule area of Gujarat. We back then didn't knew what schooling meant." Mr. Shah roared in front of his daughters.

"Your brother is not a big business man. We are small people. You both think we are very rich but no, this house is the only thing we have in name of property with us. Whatever we have earn in our life time is because of Kanhaji. Don't think you are someone because you didn't earned it. I have decided Akhilesh will marry the girl I have chosen whether you two like it or not." Mr. Shah announced his decision and left to his room.

"We understand your both concern towards your brother but this is good for him too. Your brother is a gem but he naive and innocent. He doesn't know how manipulative people can be. I want to marry him to an innocent soul just like him, who can be his strength and can guide him to the right path of life which is not Acquiring Wealth but attaining peace in life." Mrs. Shah explained her views to the Sisters.

Megha and Akash house

"Megha please stop crying, you can't just behave like this. You need to be strong. You know how Strong Radha was Yesterday she didn't even once voice out her fears to me. Please jaan stop crying for my sake." Akash tried to console Megha who was crying from last one hour after hearing the phone conversation between Akhilesh and Akash.

Megha controlled her sob not wanting to stress her husband more. She knew Akash was helping her family and she couldn't burden him more.

"You could have inform me yesterday only. I don't know what Baa and Bapuji will be doing there. Mota bhai is the life line of the house Akash, this couldn't happen to him." Megha voice out her worry.

Akash was finally relieved that his wife spoke something because from last one hour she was only crying after knowing about her brother's health. Akash had to hide the events happening back in the Shah house he couldn't allow her wife to go there at any cost.

Akash cell phone started ringing and seeing Radha name he quickly picked it up. "Bhabhi had fell unconscious and Baa is hell worried. What do I do ?"

Radha fired the question as soon as the phone was picked up. Without waiting for Radha to acknowledge that the phone was on speaker Akash assured her. "I am coming."

Megha called her mother and requested her to pray for all of them and not to be worried at all. She consoled her mother saying that kanha ji is there with them and he will surely help them in these difficult times.

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