22. Test

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It was early morning when Akhilesh sleep was disturbed by ringing of his mobile phone. With sleepy eyes he hold the phone and found a misscall from Chotu. He received the phone and Akhilesh was informed by his employee that a shopkeeper in the Alkapuri market area has been tested Covid postive yesterday night so their area shop will be closed for next 7 days.

The police has sealed the whole area and barricades have been put surrounding the area. No one is allowed to enter the area. The other shopkeepers are advised to get tested and isolate their self.

Akhilesh groaned at the bad information but further inquired about the health of the shopkeeper. His employee also made him to get tested and if not that then atleast he should self quarantine himself. Akhilesh agreed about getting tested and also for self quarantine till result are out.

He got up and closed his bedroom door. He called his Sister Radha and informed about the shopkeeper and enlighten her about him meeting the shopkeeper 2 days earlier.

He requested his sister to explain their parents and Sonal about the situation and inform Akash about the whole scenario.

Akhilesh had no symptoms for the virus but precautions is best choice right now. He decided not to think further and rest for sometime. He heard a knock on the door and then Sonal voice "Suniye, aap abhi tak uthe nahi ? Aap thik toh hai na ? Suniye na. Uth jaye
Akhilesh, aap sun rahe hai

(Listen, haven't you wake up yet ?
Are you ok ?
Listen. Wake up !!
Akhilesh, Are you listening
Wake up...

Sonal was shouting from outside the door but only he could hear from her mouth was his name. He remembered how she was so shy about taking his name.


After lockdown

Akhilesh was getting ready for going out to bring the grocery items from the nearby store when Sonal entered their bedroom and handed to him a list made by her mother in law.

"This is the list, don't forget anything from it." Sonal emphasis to bring each and every item writen in the list.

Akhilesh nodded his head but his attention went towards his wife. She was wearing a new saree today and he complimented her "Sonal, khub saras lage che tu a saree ma!!"
(Sonal, you are looking very beautiful in this saree!!)

Sonal blushed at his compliment and strated looking here and there to avoid any conversation with him. She knew her husband has been extra cheesy with his words these days which makes her a blushing mess for the whole day.

She had to keep quiet for her betterment but her husband was still very much standing in front of her gazing at her and not ready to her hand.

Hath chodo maro, kaam che mane. Jam vanu bana vanu che. (Leave my hand, I have work. I have to cook.)
She spoke with a low voice, if Akhilesh was not standing next to her and concentrating on her lips he might not be able to know she was speaking.

He chuckled admiring how cute she look and how stupid excuse she could give him at one single time. His wife is that magnet which always pull him towards her, without any doing. Her innocence always take away his breath and he can't even blame her.

Akhilesh pulled her towards him and kiss at the back of her hand, he intertwine their fingers and moved his hand towards her cheeks. He rubbed his thumb on her cheek and suddenly pinch her cheek.

An "Aah" left from her mouth and she looked at him with fear and there he was smirking. "You are so cute, I can play all day with you still I can't get what I want." He said with an unknown expression through his eyes.

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