Mafia Blood | ✔ by _ShadesOfRed
Mafia Blood | ✔by LARISSA
When Gracelyn Belmonte finally ran from her abusive father, she didn't know what the future would bring her. When she was running from her father and her sister she stum...
  • hot
  • billionaire
  • gift
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The Girl by LazyFirebird
The Girlby Laura
A little girl arrives at the Volturi castle, not knowing that moment would change many lives.
  • bella
  • vampires
  • cullen
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Heart Of A Wolf - A Legolas Love Story by DrabbitKeeper
Heart Of A Wolf - A Legolas Love Kyra
After a late night visit from an old friend, Adolpha decides to leave her safe forest and become the tenth member of the Fellowship of the Ring. But things won't be easy...
  • fanfiction
  • adolpha
  • legolas
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Boku No Hero Academia One Shots by FanFlower24
Boku No Hero Academia One Shotsby Julie_24🍭
These are one shots of Boku no hero academia! Or (My hero academia) fun little stories, I make, you can request things and I will do my best to fulfill your requests, th...
  • fanfic
  • deku
  • superheroes
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Queen Athena by BellewithaJ
Queen Athenaby Belle
"A child Alpha and Luna, a child was left by our border" A guard came, busting through the door. A look of fear evident in his eyes, as his pants of breath was...
  • creatures
  • witch
  • mythical
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My Naughty Girl  (z.m) by OlaEsmail
My Naughty Girl (z.m)by Ola.e.styles
نحن لا يجب أن نكون سوياً كل شيء ضدنا _وأنا سأتخطي تلك الأشياء سأبقي معك رغما عنك أنا حبيبتك وهذا ليس برأيك بل إنا قررت
  • love
  • underground
  • kindness
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I Heard You (Norminah) by Norminah2121
I Heard You (Norminah)by Norminah2121
👂🏽 👂🏽 👂🏽
  • norminah
  • dinah
  • normani
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Shawn Mendes - Imagines by shawnmh
Shawn Mendes - Imaginesby ♡ ♡ ♡
[a collection of some short stories] Thanks for 3K reads x
  • harrypotter
  • shawnmendes
  • everyday
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Before Dawns  by sadiq0011
Before Dawns by sadiq0011
Poems, very few, knowing the reality makes days a true gift. Poems, but gifted are the future too. Read more ......
  • sadiq0011
  • world
  • poem
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The Knight's Eyes by GoldFantasy
The Knight's Eyesby L.C. Harrison
Sir Alsindad Larius knows one thing is sure. If anyone enters the Forest of Doom to slay the witch Nightingale, they are never seen again. But being a Triad Knight has i...
  • witch
  • queen
  • dreams
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GRIM by JessStoleTheCookiez
GRIMby Jess W. <3
Sixteen years ago Haven cheated death, which landed her with a strange, unique gift. She can see death. And sometimes, she can stop it. Highest Ranking: #372 in Paranorm...
  • short
  • gift
  • story
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SILENT ADDICTIONby Daphine Kabejja
"We always underestimate the hearts but they will never cease to show us what exactly they want, my heart wants only you my silent Gift " Marco Di Martino, sec...
  • marco
  • romance
  • addiction
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By His Side by ErBrer
By His Sideby EBr
"Get out you " he yelled at her. He was to busy looking at the papers in front of him to see the tears that were slipping im her cheeks. "Are u sure ?&quo...
  • money
  • mature
  • cheating
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One of a Kind, Destined to be Mine (Book 4) by LoveBre723
One of a Kind, Destined to be Kassie Sandstrom
Twins, an alpha and an omega. One is "popular" and one is a "freak" with a gift. Curtis and his twin brother Zachariah attend Roseburg High School a...
  • alpha
  • omega
  • popular
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sea by _RedAce_
seaby •🌙🌙🌙•
and that's what I found you. • namgi •
  • havefun
  • seokjin
  • jimin
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The Last Creator by itmodream
The Last Creatorby Morris
In this kingdom, your eleventh birthday is the one that decides who you will be for the rest of your life. It is the year you join your guild. A ceremony is held, you re...
  • special
  • outcast
  • magical
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Ice Meets Flame by trixthewitch
Ice Meets Flameby Bella Twine
"I am Aurora Glass. When I turned thirteen I didn't just hit puberty, I also literally changed overnight." In a town where no one moves in or out, Aurora Glass...
  • gift
  • secrets
  • light
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God's Precious Gift by Shineyhephzi
God's Precious Giftby Shineyhephzi
Its a poem written by me. Its my first poem... Hope u all like it
  • mother
  • love
  • gift
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A Strangely Wrapped Gift. by shadowofthoughts
A Strangely Wrapped Shadow
A Strangely wrapped gift is for the hopeless who need a friend for their late night talks. It's a book made with love. It's simply a documentation of struggles, and triu...
  • goodtimes
  • weapons
  • sadness
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Amazing gift ideas for mother on Mother's day by FlowersNFruits
Amazing gift ideas for mother on Flowers N Fruits
Mother's are special gift everyone on the earth gets. It is impossible without Mom to see this beautiful world. Mother's day is a day made for mom in which children peo...
  • best
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  • gifts
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