5. New Beginning

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Everyone was in the kitchen as it was the first day and Sonal was going to cook a sweet dish. She was asked to make any thing of her choice and she selected to make "Lauki ka halwa".

The breakfast was done and sweet was to be served after that. She was praised for her cooking skills and everyone handed her some gifts.

Akhilesh didn't had a gift that time so he promised to give her the gift later on. Akhilesh married sister and brother in law gave him tickets for honeymoon as their gift for wedding.

Sonal entered in their room after lunch and Akhilesh was busy on his call. She wished to ask him whether he liked the taste or not but she chose to be quite.

He ended the call and saw her busy with her clothes. He forwarded his legs towards the wardrobe and cleaned 3 shelves for her in one of the cupboard. Both the cupboard were full with his belongings he adjusted the files on the side table near the bed.

His sweet gesture win a smile from her. He exited his room to give her privacy regarding her things. When Sonal was arranging her things only 2 shelves were occupied and the one left she thought of keeping files over there but then her cousin sister words rang in her mind "Never touch anything which belongs to your husband or in laws in their absence. Ask their permission before you do anything."

She realised that she should not touch anything without asking for his permission. She closed the cupboard and went out of the room. She joined her mother in law and sister in law in the drawing room.

They all were discussing about tomorrow evening function which is to be held in garden and talking about some one to arrive to make her ready for tomorrow evening.

She mentally had a battle to ask or not who was arriving and why and just like God was hearing her every prayer her mother in law said to her "Tomorrow at 4:00 clock Beautician will be here and get you ready for the reception."

She mentally was now more frustrated but she didn't wanted to ask anything further. She was hearing this word Reception from today's morning but now she thought to wait for it. She asked her mother in law "Maa is there any work for me to do."

Sonal mother in law Smiled at her and answered "No, there is no work for you. You just go and rest for sometime."

Sonal moved towards her room back and saw Akhilesh again busy on his mobile. She thought her husband is very found out of that phone and she too wished for that thing but thought that it is not right to speak up your thoughts.

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