34. The Decision

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They reached her village and got down on the stop. They need to walk for around 25 minutes to reach Sonal's house.

Akhilesh took his mother's bag from her hand and started walking with them. "Won't we get an auto or any mode of transport ?" Akhilesh asked.

"This village is very backward. They still don't have such facilities here." Mr. Shah satisfied his Son curiosity.

They finally reached her house and Mr. Shah knocked the door. Sonal's heart was in her mouth. Her parents will die out of shame when they will know the reason behind her presence in her home.

Mrs. Shah holds Sonal's hand and passes her a Smile. She didn't wanted her daughter in law to be weak in front of her parents.

Sonal's younger brother opened the door and smiled brightly seeing her elder sister on the door. He hugged her tightly and Sonal too reciprocated the hug.

Sonal was home after 6 months of her marriage. She hugged her brother and quietly hide her tears as she didn't wanted her younger brothers to worry for her. She had decided in this journey back home that she will work hard and won't be a burden anymore to her family.

Sandeep invited the four inside the house and asked neighbourhood children to inform their parents about the arrival of his sister and her in laws.

He waited for her sister to say something but Sonal was busy looking around. Her home was same as she have left it but she was not the same.

"Ben, you could have informed us that you are coming. I would have come to the bus stop to recieve you and Jamai raj." Sandeep spoke after taking a seat beside his sister

"That was not needed Sandeep. We are here for a half day trip and your sister didn't knew about this trip herself till yesterday midnight." Mr. Shah explained the young boy.

Baa and Bapuji are going to be very happy to see you all." Sandeep said and Mr. and Mrs. Shah could only nod their head while Akhilesh was seen least interested in the conversation. Sonal was busy savouring some last happy moments.

It was around half an hour passed when Sonal saw her parents arrived. She was boiling water for TEA and searched the kitchen for anything there was to serve but nothing could be found.

She came out of the Kitchen and walked to the doorstep to meet her parents. She saw her mother's smiling face while her father and brother were carrying bags of snacks and savoury.

She hugged her mother and tears started flowing from her eyes. Her mother broke the hug and wiped her tears. "Why are you crying ? It's such a happy day. I am seeing you after such a long time, I want to see you smiling and you are crying!!!"

Hearing her mother's words sonal sobbed and cried harder. She was immediately taken into arms by her younger brother Nimesh.He hugged her and patted her head. No words were needed in that moment for anyone to understand what was done.

Nimesh could feel Sonal had stop crying but her balance was not proper. He broke the hug and Sonal was losing her conscious. He tapped her and called out "Moti ben. Moti ben. Open your eyes, what happened ? Answer me. "

Sonal was weak and her family acted quickly, her mother made her sit on charpai and ran towards the kitchen for water. Akhilesh stood aside not wanting to loose his strength now when he had made up a mind.

He couldn't watch her like that but he also couldn't go to her and ease her. He was facing an inner turmoil but finally he had to give up his mind and act according to his heart.

His heart was, is and will be with Sonal and that his parents understood as he was holding her tight and made her drink water. Her younger brother Sandeep ran and brought the old retired compounder from neighbourhood.

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