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I'm back
Lol I was searching for inspiration on Tiktok under the tag Shinkami Angst so yay
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"Heyyy Shinso-"

I shake my head and clear the voice message. Why did he call me so many times last night? I didn't pick up because why- how could I? I almost kissed him last night!

The next recording plays.

"Hey Shinso. So, uh, can we talk? Maybe? Soon?"

I sigh and type in his number, one digit at a time.

After a minute he picks up but I only hear faint breathing and the rushing of cars.


"Oh, hi Shinso. I'm glad, glad you called back."

Why does he sound so sad?

"Hey, where are you?"

"Oh, uh, on the road."

"Huh, okay?"

"So, uh what did you call about?"

"I- I just wanted to clear things up. I'm sorry for what happened yesterday. I shouldn't have done that."

"Oh... it's fine."

But it's not fine. I knew he didn't mean it. That's why he pulled away and said he had to go. That's why... that's why.

My voice cracks at the end, proving just how fine it really isn't.

Suddenly Mina, who's next to me in the car grabs my phone, giving me a hard look.

"Hey Shinso! It's Mina!"

"Mina? Where's Kaminari?"

"Haven't you heard? He's going to America!"


"Present Mic picked Kami to go to America cuz he's really good at English. To further his education! We're all really sad to see him go but it'll be a great opportunity for him."

"Why- why didn't he talk to me about that?"

"He did! Yesterday? He left like a gazillion messages but you didn't pick up. He was still tryin to make up his mind if he wanted to go or not."

It's true. I'm really lucky my friends were with me. They convinced me to go. Going to America can further my English education. An amazing opportunity really. But all I can think about is those I'm leaving behind.

The phones on speakerphone so I can hear every word.


But Minas mad. Mad that instead of a goodbye party and hugs and laughter she was sitting next to me on my bed, handing me tissues and helping keep my voice level when I tried to get a hold of Shinso.

"And guess what! If you- if you had even just said don't go, he'd stay. He'd stay just because you wanted him too. He'd cancel that plane ticket, cancel his FUTURE, just because you said don't go."

"Mina that's enough." I interrupt, my voice small.

"So thank god you didn't pick up those calls. Thank god you decided to call back too late or I swear he would've tried his best to stay. You've got him whipped."

"What airport?"

"Like hell I'll tell you that." Now Bakugo interrupts.

"Dammit, just let me make things right at least. He deserves an apology."

"Yeah he does. But you can do it over the phone." Kirishima says firmly.

"No wonder the dorms were empty this morning." Shinso mutters.

Mina convinced Mr. Aizawa and Present Mic to take the class, minus Shinso on a 'field trip' to see me off.

"Kaminari? You there?"

I jerk out of my thoughts and answer.

"Y- yeah."

"Listen, I'm really sorry. I can't make it up to you but I wanna at least say I'm sorry."

"It's fine." I practically whisper into the phone.

"It's not. Please call me when you get to America. We can figure things out."

Aizawa comes from the front of the bus looking like he'd rather die. Mic, driving, gives us a thumbs up and a smile in the mirror.

"Hitoshi I didn't raise a coward. Get your ass over here." With that he hangs up.

The bus sits in silence as we move down the road.

"I thought the plan was that fuckin eyebags wasn't comin because he make dunce face to something stupid." Bakugo growls.

"Yeah, why'd you tell him to come." Mina huffs.

"He's an idiot, just give him a chance."

"Mr. Aizawa, the airport is an hour and a half away from the school by bus. How's he gonna catch up?"

"Where there's a will there's a way."

We go along the road quickly but my phone stays silent. I wonder what's going to happen.

Why am I getting my teeth jarred out of my head and Mirko leaps down the road?

Because my dad said I had to beat the bus to the airport to talk to Kaminari. Because I was being stupid. Because Mirko overheard and offered to get me there in half an hour. Because the bus arrives in 45 minutes.

Because when given the choice between bridal style and piggy back ride I chose the latter.

But seriously I might break a tooth.

"Hold on tight Kiddo! I'm just gettin warmed up!"

Oh shit.

When we eventually get to the airport, Bakugo and Kiri each grab my bags and I fidget with my camera strap. I want some group photos before I have to say goodbye for eight months.

There's an hour before I need to board so everyone just stands around.

"Hey Kami! There's Shinso!" Mina cackles as she takes in the boys appearance.

His poofy purple hair is tangled and even poofier. His pale complexion is positively white and he looks like he's about to pass out or throw up.

Mirko stanks off to the side, eating a carrot.

"Hey Aizawa and Yamada! We had a nice run but I gotta jet. Hey a nice day!" With that she bounds off.

Shinso flops onto the ground, looking half dead.

"Are- are you okay?" I ask, what happened?

"Mirko, offered to, give me a ride." He gasps out. "That felt like, hell."

I stick out a hand and help him stand.

"Sorry for not telling you. I really didn't make up my mind until late last night."

"Don't apologize. That's my job. I'm really sorry about not answering your calls yesterday, it isn't an excuse but I was just really flustered. Uh, maybe we can keep in touch?"

"Oh, yeah. But... what... hm."

"What do you need to say?"

"What do you think... about my feelings... for you?"

"Ah, well it's too late but... what do you think about a long distance relationship?"

"I- really?"

Tears spring into my eyes and my hand flies to my mouth, Shinso takes the other one.

"Denki Kaminari, will you be my boyfriend?"

"Yes. YES. Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

"Oh thank god, I thought you were going to say no."

What do you guys thinks about maybe a Danganronpa x My Hero Academia crossover story? Not a one shot but an actual story maybe?

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