Cowards and Heroes

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^ this is the Among Us Shinkami stacked love child
Shinso do be a top tho o.O

This was fun :D
I voice typed the first half then edited it at 2 am because Death Note and Among us destroyed my sleep schedule
So that's why it's weird

Smoke. Screams for help. Dust choked air. The smell of burning. The heavy sense of premature defeat hangs heavy in the air.

I, Denki Kaminari, am a coward.

Midoriya lays motionless on the ground.

Blood drips from Bakgos mouth and his head hangs limp.

Burns cover Todorokis body.

Kirishima lies with his arms bent in horrible positions.

A slab of concrete pins Iida down.

Destruction. Pain. Defeat. The city is filled with it.

Only me and a few others are still standing.

Minas skin is cracked and bleeding from her quirk.

Seros arm is wrapped up in a makeshift sling.

Shinso can barely stand, a dozen small cuts bleed on his shoulders and arms.

But the villain looms large in front of us, largely untouched.

It's an advanced Nomu, unlike any seen before. Something that the pros should be fighting, not young teenagers.

I might die today.

We all might die today. That thought terrifies me.

Shakily, I stand, using a bit of exposed wall to support myself. I hobble forward, one hand pressed to my side in an attempt to reduce the steady flow of blood that stains my shirt.

My voice rises and carries well in the motionless air.

The Nomu is huge. Probably about fourteen feet. It smells like blood and rotting bodies.

I'm the closest to the monster, my back to everyone else. "Run! You guys need to run! Get more heroes! Find Aizawa and help the others get to safety.''

If I die, so be it. At least my friends will live to see another day.

"You're crazy we're not leaving you!"

"Shut up Mina! We don't have time for flowery words and useless acts of courage! You guys have the best chance of getting away!"

Gritting my teeth, I reach deep down for the power that's been with me for as long as I can remember. Electricity rushes through my limbs and pools in my hands. I stretch my fingers and take a deep breath. Static crackles are the only things I can hear.

I charge towards the Nomu.

The flash is blinding.




I yell until my voice is raw blasting the villain again and again.

I can feel my mind slipping away.


Not now.

Not yet. 

With the final blast, one stronger than the rest, I'm finished.

The villain slides to a halt a good 20 feet away.

The ground sways and dips as my vision fades out.

I blink.

I smile, after all they said Plus Ultra.

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