According to you but not really

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I had an idea at 3 am, wrote it, and published it without looking twice
I promise I'm working on something decent
Here's a nice long one for everyone

"Okay everyone, team up."

I glance excitedly at my team, they're huddled around Bakugos desk. I walk over to them but before I can even open my mouth Bakugo growls at me

"What the hell do you want Dunce face? If we wanted an idiots help on the project, we'd ask you."

"Bakugo..." Kirishima glances at me apologetically.

"Wow, yikes." Sero snorts.

"Sorry Kami, he's kinda right though."

I smile at Mina, "It's okay I'll find a different team."

I look around but everyone, even Mineta is teamed up. I sit at my desk and Aizawa hands me a packet.

It's English and I'm finished by the end class. I stuff it in my backpack to turn in later.

Jogging to meet up with my squad.

"It's so unfair! How did Momo's team already finish! It's like they're on a different level!" Mina complains.

"How far did you guys get?" I ask.

Sero responds "Only on the second page, how about you?"

"Same." I lie.

"No way you caught up with us all by yourself!"

I tug at my bangs. "It was sorta easy for me."

Bakugo grabs my backpack. "Let's see it, eh?"

Everyone crowds around him.

"WHAT?! Yay for brains finished it!" I grab my stuff from him.

"Who'd you copy off of? Jiro?"

"I did it myself!" I defend angrily.

Bakugo grabs my wrist and draws me up to Mr. Aizawas desk.

"Dunce face cheated." He takes my paper and slams it on the desk.

Mr. Aizawa takes the packet and glances through it. "They're all right."

"Well he cheated off someone! There's no way he got all that done!"

"Mr. Bakugo, Momo and everyone on her team got several questions wrong. Kaminari has to have done all these himself."

Bakugo glares at me. "Why didn't you say so?!"

"I did! You just didn't listen."

"Stupid bitch." He stomps off and I start to follow him.

"Kaminari, please stay for a moment."

"Oh, okay." I fidget with my fingers as the Bakusquad leaves the room.

"I'm promoting you to honors English."

"Huh? Why?"

"Whenever you're in a group with your friends you just agree with whatever they say, and when they get it wrong they blame it on you. But when you work by yourself you get every question right."

I look down at my feet, so he noticed. "The honors class isn't even really a class, just a couple kids. I think you'll do well."


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