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Haha so school
I can keep updating I thought
Or not
In addition to school I find myself completely unmotivated to write
I will return when I actually write something

Only a few years after the first quirks originated something else came along. Soulmates. They say when you meet your significant other it just feels... right.

They say the world blossoms with color and you feel an even stronger connection to them. But first you need to actually meet them. It's different for each couple, sometimes you need to say their name or you might need to touch them or even sometimes just make eye contact.

I'm fifteen and haven't met my soulmate. I mean Mina and Sero haven't either so it's not like I'm the odd one out but still.

I smell smoke and jerk back to the present. I'm in a study session and Bakugo just blasted a pencil.

"Pay attention Dunce face! This is why you always fail!"

I groan and flop backwards. "What's it like having Bakubro as a soulmate, Kiri?"

"It's fuckin amazing. Now what did you get for question 3?"

I don't dare test Bakugos wrath and turn my attention back to my paper.

Without a soulmate the world is muted. Like you can still see color but it's pale and washed out.

I often imagine what it would be like to finally see the color of my hair instead of the watery yellow that filters through my eyes.

Kiri says it's the color of the golden yellow crayon which really helps when I still can't tell what it looks like.

Momo told me it's worth the wait but I'm getting tired of waiting. Everyone else in the class that hasn't found their soulmate doesn't seem as bothered as me but all I can think about is what I'm missing.

I drag my heels as Bakugo hurries us towards the main gym. The principal called for an assembly at crap o'clock in the morning.

Sero looks as exhausted as I feel, we both stayed up last night playing video games. In our defense we didn't know Kiri would be shaking us awake at six am telling us of a meeting in half an hour.

When we arrive I feel a bit more alert. Thanks to Bakubros pushy-ness we get there when there's only about ten other people in the bleaches.

Me and Mina race to the top and we wave to our classmates, still in the ground. "I'm taller than you!" I cackle as Sero comes up the steps, much more carefully.

Kiribaku sits lower down from us but when Tododeku arrives and sits a bleacher above then Bakugo insists they move up.

That's how the bakusquad all sat together for the assembly on the top bench.

The assembly was basically just announcing the upcoming licensing exams. After that class 1-A is asked to stay. As we wait for students to filter out of the room Sero and I walk back and forth along the bleachers. Ida yells at us to sit down so we scramble back to the squad.

"Everyone move down."

A quick glance around and I notice the class with the exception of the bakusquad is gathered in the front three rows. Flushed with the sudden attention I hop down the steps.

Once we settle, Aizawa speaks "We have a new student, he's been working hard to get here so be nice to him. He'll be moving into the dorms later today."

With that we're excused.

"I wonder who the new student is."

"I hope it's another girl! There's too many boys in this class."

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