Śhíñšø x Kämíñârí

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Take this sorry excuse for a one shot
I also didn't know what to call it
Bad but fluffy
The next posts might be delayed a bit unless I can magically actually write something decent

They had never seen him so... happy. Just so beautifully free and lively.

And it was all because of Kaminari.

-A day earlier-

"Shouldn't we tell them soon?"

"I- no not yet, please. I haven't even come out yet. I don't know how my parents will react. I don't think I'm ready for it yet..."

"Okay, I can wait as long as you need. I love you Toshi."

"I love you too, Denks."

-Later that day-
"These videos were leaked. It seems like they belonged to Kaminaris private tiktok page. We don't know who was responsible but we wanted to discuss a proper course of action."

Aizawa grabbed the tablet and stared hard at the videos. Each depicted an intimate relationship with his son.


Hugging, laughing, talking, joking, even kissing, all documented in short videos.

"Babe? I can't sign into my account." I show him my phone and he takes it.

"Did you put in the password right?"

"Yeah, you can check."

"Hmm, you're right. Are they doing maintenance or something?"

"No, I signed into my other account just fine."

A notification appears at the top of the screen, distracting me.

*Hello User Pikapika_Bitch. Suspicious activity has been noticed concerning your account. Please ignore this to confirm activity or click here to learn more.*

Our eyes meet with 'oh fucking shit' scrawled across them.

I tap on the notification and it shows me a log of information.

New login fifteen minutes ago.









And they don't have just a few views.

Or comments.

I can only see limited information but I check my notifications. Somehow tiktok got muted and turned off.



I look at Shinso and he stares at me, fear in his eyes.

"Hey, it'll be okay. It'll all be okay baby. Don't shut down on me. It'll all be fine. I swear to god I'll never leave you no matter what. We'll get through this, it'll be okay."

I wrap him in my arms but he's shaking.

"I'm so scared. I don't want this to turn out like last time. It can't. It can't."

"Shhh, shhh. It'll be okay. It won't be like last time. You aren't alone. It's okay."

Shinso hides his face in my shoulder and I can feel my heart hurt for him.

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