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Denki and Shinso were in the same boat. They were also in the same UA recovery room, trying to watch the other person and not be caught staring. But that's besides the fact.

(I wrote this part early this morning [like 4:30] so idk if it goes with the story but I'm adding it anyway, it's cute)

"We have a an assembly in ten minutes, pack up your stuff and get ready to leave."

At Mr. Aizawas announcements, most of the class groans in annoyance.

"I don't wanna go to some shitty assembly."

"What's it for Mr. Aizawa?" Kirishima asks, placing a hand on Bakubros arm.

"Bullying or something."

"Who's the fucker getting bullied? I'll give them something to have an assembly for!" Bakugo growls.

Everyone packs up quietly and chats among themselves.

Two kids slip out of the class, unseen but surprised to see each other.


"Oh, are you speaking in the assembly as well?"


"That's rough. Sorry to hear that. Congrats on speaking though. I'm nervous as hell. I can't stop talk. I should definitely stop. Sorry."

I press my lips together.

"I'm actually kinda nervous as well. I can hardly talk to one person, much less an assembly."

"Really? You look way cool. It doesn't look like you're nervous at all. I'm over here shaking like a leaf." I hold up my hands, they tremble despite my best efforts.

"You seem like the kind of guy to love social interactions."

"I'm told that a lot." I aggressively shake out my hands to try and get rid of the nerves as we walk up the steps to the stage.

We get checked in and Shinso grabs both my hands. "My dad does this for me when I get too nervous." My rubs my hands and I feel slightly better. His hands are warm.

"Thanks, that does help."

"Can you both sit down? We'll be starting soon." A lady in a official blue shirt indicates to the chairs on either side of the microphone.

"Can we move the chairs together? It might help with my nerves. If Shinsos okay with it."

"Sure, whatever. Just hurry."

"Is that okay with you?" I turn to Shinso.


Not a moment after the curtains begin to part I reach out and grab Shinsos hand again.

"I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die. I'm gonna die." I whisper, crushing his hand.

"It'll be okay, I'm dying too."

That was oddly comforting.

"Thank you for coming to the assembly." Blah blah blah.

As the principal continues talking my eyes skim over the crowd. Class one-a is at the bottom left of the bleachers. I swear they're all staring back at me.

Ten minutes pass like a second and Shinso nudges me forward.

"Good luck."

I step up to the mic and forget how to talk.

"Hi, I'm, Uh, Denki Kaminari. I'm absolutely terrified to be up here and I forgot what I was gonna say. So I'm making it up. Feel free to fall asleep."

A few people chuckle, so far so good.

"So everyone knows what we're talking about, I hope. I wasn't able to pay attention. Too busy making sure I don't hyperventilate. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to share a story about bullying. I think it's supposed to be inspirational but I've never been good at that stuff so let's just hope for the best."

I take a deep breath and begin.

"As my friends and acquaintances know, my quirk often backfires on me. If I use too much electricity I basically go stupid. When that happens, of course people laugh. It's funny seeing someone go 'whey.'" I raise my thumbs.

"But when I do, it's sorta like blacking out but I know I'm moving. It's pretty scary. I don't know when I'll regain consciousness or even where I'll be. I can hear screaming but I don't know if someone played a prank or if a villain is attacking. It's not fun."

"I often fall behind in combat exercises because I have to figure out how I'll win, but I also need to keep a tight handle on how much electricity I use. If I get carried away I'll go stupid. Nothing is scarier than when your own mind betrays you. I guess I probably wasn't the best person to ask to talk in an assembly about bullying."

"I could say the generic crap about sticks and stones but instead I'll say this, be careful with what you say. You don't know both sides of the story. What might be an innocent joke can remind someone of a traumatic experience. I'm not perfect, I've been mean to people before. I need to work on that so I'm really not one to ask. But please do think twice."

"I guess that's all I gotta say. And for everyone who fell asleep? Wake up! The next speaker is amazing. I know I'll be paying attention, I don't think I could take my eyes off him if I tried." I grin and step back from the mic.

When I turn around, Shinso has a hand over his face. The adrenaline seeps out of my bones and I give him a small smile.

"Good luck! You'll be awesome."

True to my words I watch Shinso. Don't have a clue about what he talked about but his voice is soothing and he has a nervous habit of rubbing his neck. When he sits back down another student steps up to speak and Shinso holds my hand.

"God, I think I'm gonna die."

"You did awesome!" I rub circles on his hand with my thumb.

"You did better." He mumbles, sinking into the chair.

"We did awesome, all we gotta do now is sit and look pretty. You've got both down." I whisper to him out of the corner of my mouth.

Mina starts making faces at me so I focus on not laughing on stage.

"you do it better than me." I hear a quiet mutter from next to me. I have to duck my head into my arms to hide a wide grin.

The assembly ends and I stand up before the curtains even begin to close.

"Great job everyone!" I drag Shinso by the hand and congratulate everyone who spoke. Once finished, I drag him down the stairs and back to class.

"We should eat lunch together, hang out sometime."

I squeeze his hand then drop it.

"That sounds nice." He says, hand traveling up to his neck.

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