All the colors of the rainbow

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HC: Denki is colorblind
Love this
This is pure fluff and sweetness

I'm color bind.

That's just a fact. A way I've been all my life.

I can't see the colors red or green, in my eyes they're just varying shades of browns, greys, yellows, and sometimes blue.

I think blue is my favorite color, my friends all tell me that it's actually purple. So I guess my favorite color is purple. It stands out brilliantly against all the other colors I see.

Because it wasn't really something I hid, just didn't really talk about, art class, it was great.

-First day of art (ua second semester)-

"Okay, the art teacher is sick so I have to sub. Draw something or something. Art supplies are in the cabinet."

With that, the homeroom teacher disappeared into his sleeping bag.

The class was quiet for a few seconds before I blurted out "Hey Mina, help me become Da Vinky!"

"Aww heck yeah! Sero, help us paint the next masterpiece"

"Come on Kiribro and Bakubro!"

So the Bakusquad raided the art cabinet.

Me and Mina picked out paint colors.

Bakugo rejected the ones he didn't like.

Kirishima made sure they were all acrylic.

And Sero found a canvas and some paint brushes.

Mina brought up the idea of free forming a group self portrait. With no better ideas we all worked on a corner.

"Mina, can you pass me that yellow?"

"Which one, electric yellow or sunny yellow?"

"No, that one." I say, pointing.

"Huh? This one?"

"Yeah." I reach out my hand for the tube.

"Um, thats red."

"Huh? Oh yeah." I glance at the yellow (actually red)  bracelet on my wrist then at the tube. "Sorry, I'm colorblind."

"Wait, you're colorblind???"

"Uh, yeah?"

"I've known you for, like, half a year and I didn't know that?"

Mina's yelling has attracted the attention of the entire class.

"Wow, really?"

"What's it like?"

"What color is this?"

"What color is my hair?"

Random Mina hc I thought of: If Denki was colorblind, even though it would physically hurt her, she would dress in clashing colors so from what denki could tell, they'd match

"Kami, are you not comfortable talking about it?" Momo asks gently.

Everyone quites down, waiting for my answer.

"Nah, I guess I'm just so used to it that I don't announce it. Sorry." I smile sheepishly.

Everyone assures me it's fine.

The rest of class is spent with me matching colors around the room to paint colors.

Over time art class turns into Denki is colorblind so lets play what color is this.

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