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no ❤️ by hawksisachickenstrip
no ❤️by your little SINnamon roll <3
--no quirks-- "I-i can't, unlike you I c-can't just l-leave my family behind" "I'm sorry I just have to" "I-i understand, we wont hold you back...
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An Idol & his Villain (Villain Todoroki x Idol Deku)  by Babe_Zilla_
An Idol & his Villain (Villain Godzilla
This is an omegaverse where Deku is an omegan Idol! He's 16 and well known. He gets into trouble and runs into a villain known as HellFrost. What will the villian do whe...
Change [Depressed Izuku (BNHA/MHA, Tododeku)] by hi_imtired
Change [Depressed Izuku (BNHA/ Im.still.tired
[no quirk AU] (WARNING; story contains triggering themes such as self harm, suicide and abuse {TODODEKU}) After a fatal accident with his mother, Izuku Midoriya is taken...
My Hero Academia Memes by Sab-mint
My Hero Academia Memesby Sab
Each chapter has 10 memes Slight anime spoilers, no manga spoilers, almost none of these memes are mine and go to the proper owner, all memes I found with credit in phot...
Just for the Summer by lyzard_fan_fics
Just for the Summerby lyzard_fan_fics
•Rankings• #1 in todobakudeku #1 in tododeku #1 in myheroacademia ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Izuku Midoriya get's stuck in the UA dorms over summer break. His mother was g...
[ ꁒꐟ ꌚꁒꋫ꒒꒒ ꆂꁒꍟꁍꋫ ] by TheQuietCalicoCat
[ ꁒꐟ ꌚꁒꋫ꒒꒒ ꆂꁒꍟꁍꋫ ]by STRUGGLINGTOUPDATE
Izuku Midoriya, The one and only Omega of class 1-A. Todoroki Shoto, A Alpha who get suspicious of one of classmates thats a "Beta" What will happen when the A...
Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Deku) (TodoDeku) by Babe_Zilla_
Vigilante Viridity (Vigilante Godzilla
At a young age Izuku Midoriya was pushed to the side. His mother left. His father either is never there, working or abuses him. Even his old best friend Bakugou bullies...
B R E A T H E by TheGayPotato_43
B R E A T H Eby Your_Local_Gay_Writer
Everything was fine. Until.. It wasn't. (They moved into the dorms at the beginning of the school year) (Trigger warnings, for bullying, suicide, ect.. So read with caut...
The immortal boy (mha/bnha deku todoroki story) by souls_amoung_stars
The immortal boy (mha/bnha deku Starry
(Bnha/mha story) Tododeku Kiribaku Shindenki Uratsu Finished on 27 June 2020 🌙 ¡under editing!🌙 A boy no older than 16 with mesmerising green eyes that glowed and r...
Wanna Join a Band? by lyzard_fan_fics
Wanna Join a Band?by lyzard_fan_fics
Izuku Midoriya was a college student, just trying to get his teaching degree. He had been living in the sam duplex house for a year now and hadn't had any problems with...
Occurrence (Dadzawa) by ididntask05
Occurrence (Dadzawa)by Mads
When tragedy strikes and Izuku is left motherless, he runs away from home hoping to find a safe haven. He bumps into the pro hero Eraserhead believes he is safe only to...
Not Good Enough- Todobakudekukiri by bakusquad-pasta
Not Good Enough- Todobakudekukiriby bakusquad-pasta
Todobakudekukiri That's all you have to know to read this story
Damaged by scorpionxxxxx
Damagedby scorpionxxxxx
2 months ago Midoriya was taken from UA and tortured. He has to live with these painful memories while also struggling with his inner demons. Read more to find out. Not...
Bird's Prey  by Lovesick_Nightmare
Bird's Prey by Lovesick Nightmare
When Izuku Midoriya gets taken in by Overhaul after his attempt at suicide, his life takes a turn. But is it for the better or for the worse? \\Has some triggering topic...
The daily life of Midoriya Ibuki (TodoDeku) by YamaJuri
The daily life of Midoriya Ibuki ( YamaJuri
This is the story of a little boy who lives in a world with the profession of heroes. He just so happens to be the son of top Heroes, them being the #1 Hero Deku and the...
- I'm here - by Itz_neom
- I'm here -by Itz_neom
Izuku goes missing when he's 8. He's back and this time bringing hell with him Tododeku AU Cover is kinda mine? I edited it
Adopted Demon(s) by daddy_zawa
Adopted Demon(s)by Depressed•~•Pan
Name: Izuku Midoriya Age: 16 Quirk: Demons Heart: His quirk gives him the appearance and the power of a demon. Red eyes, retractable claws, wings, and horns...but is th...
Scars of Our Love - TodoDeku (Soulmate AU) by risingfics
Scars of Our Love - TodoDeku ( w i n g s
~c o m p l e t e d ~ Quirk, a word so unique with a different meaning for everyone. Some think it's a use of power, but is much more than that. 80% of people born with a...
Camping Trip! - TodoDeku by risingfics
Camping Trip! - TodoDekuby w i n g s
-COMPLETED- Boku No Hero Academia (Midoriya X Todoroki) Midoriya and his classmates go on a camping trip, little did Midoriya know it was something he did not expect but...
Faded: Tododeku Story by Sakuramikidesu
Faded: Tododeku Storyby Sakura Mei
When the king holds a party for the Crown prince for his 18th. Little did he realise the soul mate he was looking for isn't what he thinks. The way they find each other...