Broken Heart

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It was no secret that Denki had the hots for Shinso. In fact, this particular not couple probably held the world record for most rejections. At least twice a day Shinso would be subject to some pick up line or a request to hangout. He always turned these down gently, no matter how often or annoying.

That just meant Kaminari wouldn't give up and search even deeper into the web for a pickup line. There has to be one somewhere that would seduce the purple boy, he just had to find it.


"Hey Shinso."

"Yes Kaminari?"

"If we were in a room full of art, I'd still stare at you."

"We are in a room full of art, it's art class. And you should be paying attention."


"Pshhh. Hey, wanna get dinner later?"

"No thanks, I have homework."

"Then lets do homework together!"

"No thanks."

"Hmm, fine."


"Shin shin!"

"What do you need Kaminari?"

"Don't you think Fate wants us to be together? We sit next to each other in all our classes, our dorms are next to each other's and we're complimentary colors!"

"I think it's just a coincidence. Now can you stop blocking the light?"


"Hiya Shinso!"

"Hello Kamimari."

"Wanna get some coffee?"

"No thanks, I'll just get some from the cafeteria."

-With Aizawa-

"If you don't like him, you need to tell him clearly. He's, well, not very bright. You need to just put an end to it."

"That's the problem Dad, I think I do like him. I'm not sure though, I need more time to think."

Sighing, he replies "Okay but be careful. Don't break the poor kids heart."

"I know."


"Shinsooo! Wanna eat lunch together?"

"No thanks."

"But I heard- nevermind."

-The Bakusquad-

"Bro you should just give up on Shinso."

"I can't! I don't think I've ever liked someone as much as I like him. I won't give up- I can't."

Besides, he might actually like me.

But I don't say the last bit aloud, they'll just say I imagined it.

- Three months later      -


The teacher allowed us to work outside the classroom so we sit next to each other in the hall.

"Yes Kamimari?"

"Do you even like me?"

"Of course."

"Not like, like like"

"You mean feelings?"


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