Favorite color

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I know everyone's favorite color.

Having an open door policy and being friends with nineteen traumatized kids helps you know a bit about them.

Uraraka has a crush on Tysu.

Tokoyami sleeps with a Gerard Way nightlight. Dunno where he got it but that's that.

Jiro knows how to skateboard.

Kirishima once dyed half his face red on accident.

Momo wanted to be a game designer if she couldn't be a hero.

Sero wears a retainer.

Todoroki is color blind.

And so on and so forth. I always keep a tight lid on these secrets I collect.

Aizawa surprises us with announcing that we'll be having a get to know each other trust fall sort of exercise.

Everyone cheers because we'd all rather get to know each other than take the promised pop quiz.

Following the instructions we push back all the desks and sit in a circle. I bump elbows with Mina and Sero, comfortably seated with the Bakusquad.

Mr. Aizawa clears his throat and the chatter dies down. "Okay so, we'll go in a circle, you say, or learn, something about the person sitting across from you." Eraserhead reads off a paper.

That seemed easy enough.

"Each topic, we'll rotate. Let's start with your favorite food." I scan the circle, my person is Todoroki.

"Mr. Aizawa! Mr. Aizawa, can I go first!" I wave my arm around.

"Mmm, sure, whatever."

"Your favorite food is cold soba, right?" I question excitedly. He simply nods and we continue on.

"Favorite color." Todoroki stares at me.

I guess I never did tell him my favorite color.

"Yeah Denki, I don't think I know your favorite color either." Mina elbows me.

The whole class brings to attention that they don't know my favorite color. Huh.

"I bet it's yellow!" Sero claims.

"Nah, yellow is one of my favorite colors." I correct before continuing.

"Hmm, there is one color I really like but I gotta tell the story why so you get it. But my favorite color is purpley black. Like you can tell it's purple but in the shadows it black and in the sunlight it's a pretty indigo."

"That's oddly specific." Midoryia says .

"That's why I gotta tell the story." I nod.

"So when I was like sixish, I went to the park. It was a sunny but not too hot summer day and my parents let me go alone. Why they did, who knows, anyway." I stop my tangent and continue.

"I'm playing on the slides, right in front of the swings when a group of kids come over. They were at least ten and lil punks. There was a kid sitting on the swings, but not swinging. I guess the kids knew him from school but they started being real jerks."

I frown and continue "They started bullying the kid, not bad like physical but making fun of his quirk. I don't remember exactly what they were saying but the other kid was just ignoring them. Like who bullies a kid for their quirk? It's not like they have control over it."

I start going off again. "So one of the kids decided to get physical and acted like he was about to slap the other kid. I, being amazing, ran over there. I told them off and eventually they just left. Guess they didn't want to deal with me. I turn to the other kid and he just stares at me. He had the most beautiful purple eyes. Can't remember anything else about him but damn I'd recognize those eyes anywhere. I don't think he ever thanked me but I dragged him over to the slides and we played until the sun set."

I finish my story and Mina hugs me. "Aww you were so sweet!"


"Well you wouldn't charge my phone yesterday."

I wrinkle my nose at Mina. "You always run it down to 0% and it's harder to charge."

Aizawa claps to gather our attention and we continue. Recalling that memory reminds me of those pretty eyes and what I promised the boy.

'We'll play together again.'

A soft smile rests on my lips and stays for the rest of the day.

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