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I've returned :3

He'd been waiting for so long. Hopelessly clutching the dark screen in his left hand, his right was resting horizontally across his forehead, searching the faceless crowd for the one that stood out. He didn't have to check his phone to know the words behind the eight digit passcode and default lock screen.

'I know you didn't want me taking that mission for you but I didn't want you to hurt your leg any worse. In a bit we'll meet by the cafe where you gave me that ring so long ago and all will be well again. Just please wait. I will return to you. Love your madly xoxo.'

The seasons, the people and the places have all changed but what stayed the same was the young man sitting on that metal bench in front of Electric love cafe. His dark purple hair and quiet demeanor never shifted. His lovestruck, hopeful face never wavered. Of course, no one would think that of the small scowl that rested on the man's face but he would. The one the man was waiting for. He knew it.

Anyday an electric shock of blonde hair and pale skin would tackle him from behind. He'd see the bright grin, the only one that could replace his scowl with a heartwarming smirk. He'd once again hear the laugh that made his chest ache. He'd once again feel the warmth of the only person left who loved him without remorse. He'd-

"He's gone, Hitoshi. He's been gone for years." A cold hand on his shoulder and an equally icy voice broke him from his trance.


"Don't make it so he died protecting you in vain. He wouldn't want this." Kyouka's emotionless face reminded him of the harsh reality.


"Look, we all get how you feel, maybe not exactly but at least a little. We all miss him too. But we've moved on. You need to do the same." Jirou sighs, pulling on one of her cords. "Work with us here."

Hitoshi just clenches his phone tighter, shaking off the hand resting on his shoulder. "Just... just a few more minutes."

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