Purple thoughts

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Head cannons

"Today we have a foreign exchange student. He's only here for today and tomorrow when his parents upgrade the schools security system. Introduce yourself."

"Hello everyone! My name is Kokoro Yonde! (Means Mind Read) My quirk is Mind scan. I can read the mind of anyone I touch!"

"Shinso, you have a similar quirk. You're in charge of him."

I go and sit next to the boy who looks like he'd rather die than talk to me. It's probably him. I think.

"Hiya! You're Shinso, right? What's your quirk?"

A small group crowds around me in the time before class starts. I meet Bakugo, Kirishima, Mina, Sero, and Kaminari. I still don't know if the boy I'm sitting next to is Shinso.

Okay, I fibbed a bit. I touch a person and for the next fourteen minutes I can read their mind and for the next hour I can scan said thoughts. So everyone willingly shakes hands with me. Thinking I wouldn't be able to read their thoughts in such a short span of time. : P. A boys gotta do what a boys gotta do to not be bored during class.

-Shinso Pov-
During class the new kid stays perfectly still. Not even twitching. Weirdo.

-Mina Pov-
I smell tea. Mr. Aizawa keeps glaring at the new kid. For a rather energetic seeming person, Kokoro is perfectly still. His eyes are moving back and forth like he's, scanning? something? Maybe he didn't tell us everything about his quirk. Mmm, tea.

-Denkis Thoughts-
Purple eyes and pretty skies
Purple hair, can't help but stare
I always look for you in the crowd
I know I'm loud but I'll make you proud
We used to be
Two bros, chilling in a hot tub
5 feet apart cause they're not gay
But what do you say?
Will you be my buzzy beautiful sunshine nugget?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Should I use a vine?

Would he get it?

Should I use buzzy beautiful sunshine nugget?

I think it's an adorable

Will he?

Momo helped me with the first three lines. But then she had to because someone called her.

I lost to Mina in a game of charades so I have to confess today. T-T don't wanna.

-Shinso Pov-
Why did the new kid have to sit next to me? I can't see Denki now. He's blocking the view. And what did Aizawa mean we have similar quirks? I want nothing to do with the kid. Creep starts side eyeing Denki. Back off Bitch. He's mine. Doesn't know it yet but he is.

-Aizawa Pov-
Y'all aren't even paying attention.

"Aye yo! Can I sit with you guys?" I ask the group of kids.

"Sure!" Kaminari says. Poking Shinso he continues "Move over a bit."

Shinso looks like someone's gonna die and it won't be him or his group.

"Tch. Why is Mindfuck 2.0 here?"

"Be nice, he's new here!" The red head defends me.

When the last two kids show up the pink one takes a loud sip of her coffee.

"Hello. (Three second pause) Kokoro."

"Um. Can I talk to Kami for a sec?"

"Why the fuck are you calling him Kami? And no, you can't."

"Chill guys, we're besties!" He throws an arm over my shoulder. "I call him Koko!"

"Dude, isn't that like a girls name?"

"Nah Han, Me and Ko actually met a few months ago. Online friends! Anyway, what's up?" He turns to me, smiling.

"Can I talk to you for a sec? In private?"

"Sure. Brb bae." He says, blowing a kiss to Shinso, who ignores him. Pfft.

-Denki Pov-
"Watcha need to talk about Ko?"

"So, you like Shinso, right?"


"Pfft, Naw. What're you talking about? Haha." My voice cracks at the end.

"Nah, bro. You totally do."

"Well, I was gonna confess to him today." I admit.

-Shinso Pov-
Okay. What's taking them so long? I need to go make sure Kaminari is okay.

"-purple thoughts."

"Okay, from the top."

"Purple eyes and pretty skies
Purple hair, can't help but stare
You make me blush, red as Mars
Wanna sit with you and count the stars
I have a question
More like a confession
I like you, I love you
My darling, my boo
And you've probably connected the dots
But you fill my heart with purple thoughts."

(I wrote this myself :) )
"Perfect. Now go get em!"

"But what if he doesn't like meee?"

"Trust me, he likes you."


-Denki Pov-
My Shinso senses start tingling.

"Shinso." Not a question, a statement.

He comes out sheepishly from behind us.

"Shinsoooooo." I whine. How much did he hear? Ko disappears and I suddenly feel approximately seventeen butterflies rattle in my stomach.

"Kamiiiiii" He mocks, grinning. Not the creepy one, a happy one.

"Ugh. I hate you. You brat."

"Nah, you love me."


"Baby, you're like lightning in a bottle
I can't let you go, now that I got you
And alI I need is to be struck
By your
Electric love"


"I made you a poem as well, do you like it?"


Flick his nose. Zapping him lightly.

"What was that for?"

"That's my electric love. It's tough love."

He laughs and flicks my head.

"Well, we should get to counting stars then, eh?"

Shinsos poem is the unofficial Shinkami ship song. Electric Love by BØRNS

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