At long last

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Just two quick lil fluffs and a third one
Shinsou surprises me by running to greet me. He wraps his arms around my waist like he'll never let go. I put my arms around his neck and tap our foreheads together. "I missed you."

I laugh breathlessly. My chest throbs with powerful emotions as I pull his lips to mine. "I love you." He says.

Then he kisses me. Arms wrapped around each other we dance. In the middle of the airport, protected from the prying eyes by my boyfriend's arms we sway in slow circles. I feel tears pricking at my eyes as I grin like an idiot. He smiles as well. "But now we're together at long last."
Shinso looked at the boy sleeping in front of him. The little lightning boy quiet amongst the bed of blankets. His long lashes rested on his pale cheeks and his soft hair brushed his chin. Shinso never wanted to forget this moment. Denki was beautiful. Shinso rested on an elbow and watched the boy sleep. "I think I love you. Goodnight little lightning love." Shinso tapped a kiss to his fingers and blew it softly at the blonde. Then he left, closing the door quietly behind him.
TW: Self harm! Relatively descriptive themes of self harm.
"You can't understand if you've never experienced it!"

A year and a half into their relationship and Kamimari found out that Shinso self harmed.

"Well talk to me! I can understand if you talk to me!" Denki clutched Shinsos rolled up sleeve in between his fingers, concern laced through his voice.

"Damnit, you'll never understand what it's like to want to hurt yourself! You'll never understand!" Shinso yells, regretting the offer to come over for drinks.

"I want to understand! I want to help you." The blonde replies pitifully, he hated it when people yelled, especially his usually calm boyfriend.

The pity and slight fear in the blondes eyes frustrated Shinso. The alcohol clouded his mind as he took out his knife and replied "Then prove it. Do it. Cut yourself. Try to understand." The alcohol barely disguised the venom and hatred in his voice. But the hatred wasn't for Denki, it was for himself.

Without a word Kamimari accepted the pocket knife. His hands shook as he flicked it open.

'Try. Try to understand. You'll never understand. You're too stupid. You didn't even realize your boyfriend was hurting. Useless. Yes, try it. Slip back into that habit you tried so hard to quit. You always knew you couldn't stay away forever. You've fought long enough, let me take the reins for a bit. Remember that numbing? Wouldn't you like to feel it again? Those silly pills you take are oh so expensive. You don't need them. I won't hurt you, I only help you. Let me help you.'

His hands dropped the knife and his eyes flew open. When did he close them? A large hand circles his wrist. The knife lays on the carpet with a thin line of blood on the blade. The other wrist has three precise lines, about an inch and a half long, precisely over the big vein on his wrist.

His eyes track up to meet the dark purple ones, set in a face of panic and confusion. "Stop! You idiot! I didn't mean it, I'm sorry. This alcohol isn't doing either of us any good. I'm sorry. Let's go to bed and talk in the morning, okay? I promise I'll talk to you." 

He could only nod mutely as the other boy washed his wrist and carefully applied ointment and bandages to the fresh cuts.

At three am Denki woke unexpectedly. Almost as if in a trance he opened the second bedside table drawer and took out an orange bottle, half empty. With almost silent steps he went into the bathroom and opened the bottle. With small plips the pills fell into the water, quickly disintegrating. He was back in bed before the toilet finished filling up.

That wasn't so hard, was it? Just listen to me and you'll be fine. After all, you only have me.

He curled in on himself, reaching out a hand to brush Hitoshis before tucking it into his side. Yeah, he'll be fine.
Okay this last one was like a vent write that, unlike all my others, doesn't suck. At least I think it doesn't. I'm actually kinda proud of it. I've finally started spacing out my writing properly, it's a long story why I wasn't before.
I hope you enjoyed! Feel free to leave a comment if you want me to write something in particular.

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