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Shinso knows that love is just an unnecessary chemical reaction in your brain while Kaminari is, dare he say, scared of something he can't control.

The first time Shinso saw Kaminari Denki, he wondered if reincarnation was real. Because when their eyes meet from across the room a powerful throbbing shook his heart. A feeling of such longing that he'd never felt before.

The logical boy assumed that a previous life lover was more probable than love at first sight. Because love is a terribly painful thing that Shinso did not approve of.

And love at first sight was such a preposterous idea he immediately dismissed it. But the brutal throbbing lingered.

And that made him want to avoid the lightning boy at all costs.

But the loud blonde had other plans.

"Denki Kaminari, teach me your secrets." Mina asks me as the bakusquad sprawls around the common area.

"I dunno how I do it!" I reply, focusing on charging three different phones.

"Yeah Denks, how did you get rid of crushes so easily. Like every week you have a new crush or something."

Denki Kaminari, resident charger of UA was, as some call it, a disaster bi. He was always pinning over someone, and being attracted to two genders just doubled his playing field. Or, in his case, a battlefield.

"I dunno! I just like someone then I like someone else."

The whole squad knows I'm a sucker for emotion.

Love songs, sad books, horror movies. I like anything that would give me a shot of powerful emotion.

But falling in love, actual, true love, was something I always avoid.

Too many of my friends have come crying to me because of broken relationships.

The songs and books and movies can be paused, closed or shut off. I can have control over how much I feel over what.

But anything more than a simple crush is low key terrifying.

It was starting to get dark and the phones are done charging so I excuse myself to my room.

"I really wish I hated you." I groan into my pillow. But not really. Shinso is such a lovely boy I don't want to hate him. But I don't want to love him either.

I can say that simple phrase over and over but I won't really mean it.

The day's homework lays untouched on my desk, glad for the distraction I settle down with a pencil.

What the fuck is the square root of 348?

I don't think we were given the right homework. I'm pretty sure Mr. Cementos got the second years work mixed up with our own.

I need to take a break. I stand from the chair and stretch. Muscles creaking and agreeing with my previous statement.

Guess everyone went to sleep early. The dorm halls are quiet and dark as I creep downstairs, wanting some fresh air I decide to take a walk outside.

Truth be told, getting outside is no easy feat. I have to disable the numerous alarms that lock the window then avoid the security cameras set around the building but I've done it more than enough times.

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