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Inspiration from Primadonna by MARINA

He wasn't that bad of a person either.

I push away the small bit of pity I feel as I walk away. In my pocket is a small fortune and on my hand is a sizable gold and diamond engagement ring.

He wouldn't embarrass himself further and try to ask for it back. Let the crowd talk about what a bitch I am, they're not the ones with the money.

Okay let's backtrack twenty something years before someone tries to stone me.

Denki Kaminari was born with everything the world had to offer. Which, in his case, was a shitty birth giver and an equally shitty other human life giver. Also known as parental figures.

Because he's such a lucky boy he grew up with, according to his guardians, (they did a very bad job) the finest clothing and food. A pair of shoes every two years or so, a ratty hoodie and stained jeans. Leftovers from whatever dumpster they thought looked best or uncooked rice. Mmm, nice and crunchy.

Education was how to pick a pocket, pass a drug test while high, and lie about everything.

Entertainment was running and hiding from the older kids, throwing rocks at birds, and roof jumping.

His first word, if anyone cared to remember (which they didn't) was shit.

When he was sixteen he was kicked out of the two room apartment he lived in half his life. The other half was on the street.

Seventeen hours after his sixteen birthday someone offered him twenty bucks for a night.

Over the next five years he upgraded from dirty street rats to the rich and fancy and single.

From a wrinkled twenty to an engagement ring.

What have you learned?

At twenty one Denki Kaminari had the best life he'd ever lived.

Breaking hearts and being rich.

But you can't blame him, he only knew of lust in place of love. Greed for a better life and the selfish pride of a primadonna boy.

His life was his body and his body was his one way ticket to a five star hotel.

But he was never taught any different.

So who could blame him if they knew of his life?

Yuck. I'll save the sappy stuff for my next target. Of course, I'm not exactly rich but I have a hella comfortable life. Wouldn't change it for the world. Well... maybe for the world.

*Ding ding*

I open the door to my favorite bar. The smoke and alcohol is familiar in my nose.

There's only a few regulars here so early in the day so I wave to them and take my usual seat, fathest from the door.

"Denki! How's my favorite person doing?"

"Hey Ashido! Rich and still a bitch." We both laugh but she quiets down sooner.



"You could always just get a job here."

"But my current one pays so much better."

"It's not good for you or anyone else and you know that."

"I know but you knew me back then. I don't- I can't go back to that. I'm in a better place now."

"But not at a better price."

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