Road trip

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This has less Shinkami and more funny Bakusquad, at least I think it's funny.

"I think life is simply heartbreak and misery. There is no point or purpose, only suffering."

"Shut the fuck up pikachu."

"No. I want McDonald's."

"You slept through the whole fucking bathroom break. We're not going back."

"We're only half an hour awayyyyyy."




"You don't even know what I'm gonna ask."

"You were going to ask for my last chicken nugget."

"Nu uh! I was gonna ask for some, uh, water?"

"Liar." He throws the cardboard container and me and I snatch the last bit of fast food from the bottom of the greasy container.

"Mmmank ouuu!"

"Don't talk with food in your mouth."

"Eiji wake up Dunce face. I don't want to deal with him sleeping through another stop."

"Kay Kats."

"His sleeping face is so funny, wait, let me get a picture."


"I'll be quick. See? Already done."

-Shinso Pov-
"I hate you." I say, glaring at the car dashboard.

"Just go in and get the stupid cat food."

"I don't wanna talk to people, I don't wanna interact with anyone."

"You're doing it right now. Hurry, Eri and Yamada are waiting to meet us."

"You're just making me go in because you don't want to!"

"I'm the parent, that's what I do."

Ughh. Slamming the car door I dramatically stop up to the gas station door before entering normally. Fuq him.

-Denks Pov-
"Just one minute?"

"I'm not letting you anywhere the car battery."

"But I'm so tiredddd. If I can't charge up imma just sleep for the whole ride."

"Just use your pocket charger thing!"

"I can't find ittt. I promise I won't break the battery again!"

"That's what you said last time! We don't wanna sit out there on the curb for hours waiting for a jump just cuz you wanna stay awake." Mina adds, siding with Bakugo.

"Just a minute shouldn't hurt, right Kiri?" I turn and look at my bro pathetically.


"NO!" Sero, Bakugo and Mina all yell, scaring the poor cashier.

I cri.

-Back with Shinso-
I'm standing behind a loud group of five. The blonde blonde, not ashy blonde, kid keeps running back and forth from the snack isle.

"Stop buying food you can't even eat." The ashy blonde says.

The redhead apologizes to me over his shoulder when trying to stop the pink girl from break dancing with a large fountain drink. The last kid is shoplifting a pack of gum from the shelf.

"Well I don't know when I'll next eat. It might not be until we reach UA!"

"We're only two hours away, you'll live."

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