Star tear disease

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Denki with eyebags is unnecessaryily hot
Should I be writing Shinkami fuffies so I can start posting regularly? Yep but instead I'm writing sad Shinso stories
For those that dont know Star Tears disease is similar to the more popular Hanahaki disease. Its caused by unrequited love and can only be healed by the feelinging being returned. The symptoms are star like tears accompanied by a sound, though it's never specified. It can cause the victim to slowly go color blind, some say it can result in blindness or memory loss.

The sound ran high and clear. Like the note of a harp but more real. Like crystal and music. Beautiful. That's when a tear dropped down my face. Warm but cold, fast but slow. As mesmerizing as quicksilver I stare at the shimmering crystal in my hand. Like a small star it contains all the colors in existence.

It takes my mind off the pain of seeing Shinso with Monama. Apparently they're a couple. Suddenly I hear footsteps and shove the strange crystal into my pocket.

"What was that Kami?" It's Jiro.

I squint at her hair, the purple seems a bit faded but it's probably just the lighting of the common area.

"Hm? Nothing."

"Did you hear a strange sound?"

"I thought I heard a sound like a piano note but it was gone too quickly." I shrug. It's probably connected to the strange crystal.

"Hmm, we'll tell me if you hear it again, okay?"

"Sure, no prob!" I smile at her then excuse myself.

In my room I'm overcome with a wave of sadness and hurt. He'll never be mine.

I fall asleep and wake up a few hours later with a small handful of star like crystals spilling off my pillow.

It's 2 in the morning so I quietly gather them up. Collecting the one from earlier I carry them over to my desk and click on the light. Each crystal contains every color imaginable, they seem to even glow softly. The lack of purple in the stars bother me. I heap the crystals into a small box and take out the love letters that once stayed there.

Love letters to Shinso I never gave him. I press a kiss to each one and put them in the drawer, first I want to find out what's going on.

An hour later I know more than I wanted to. The star tear disease. I'll slowly lose the color in my life unless the feelings are returned. But that will never happen, Shinso loves Monama.

I resign myself to this fate and cry into my pillow, to stifle the once beautiful sound, now turned tragic. I scroll through the pictures on my phone and confirm it.

Dark purple is little more than a bright pastel. So I lose purple first. I sniffle into my pillow and toss and turn until I fall into a restless sleep.

I wake up with eyebags that rival Shinsos. This causes three more star tears before I shake my head. I won't cry anymore, I know it's an empty promise but oh well. I put the tears in the box. When I run my fingers through them they sound like wind chimes.

My thoughts wander to Jiro. Maybe she knew someone with this disease? I consider asking her for more information but shake my head. It's incurable. I sneak through the dorms until I get to Momos. Then knock softly on the door until she opens it and lets me in.

"My goodness Kaminari! What happened?"

"I found some memes and before I knew it, it was morning!" I lie. "So I wanted to know if you had some concealer I could use?"

She ends up making some and applying it for me. When the cool makeup touches my skin I ramble off a story about how adorable pikachu is and the massive amounts of memes I supposedly found.

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