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This is cute

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This is cute
Dunno what to put here.
I need ideas
And a Shinso to my Kaminari on Among us


"Shit. Hanta, we gotta run."

"What did you do Ashy? Wait... where's Denks?"

"I- um. He fell?"

"Shit we gotta gooooo."

"Shitty hair, why are Soy sauce and Raccoon eyes running like they did something wrong?"

"Hm? Dunno. Where's Denki? He should be with them."


"Bakubro, you gotta hide us!"

"What the fuck did you do Plain face."

"Ashido accidently pushed Denki past the cloud barrier."

"It really was an accident, I swear!"

"You dumbasses are on your own."

"Wait Kats, Ashido what realm?"

"Um... human?"

"Crap, you can't hide! You gotta go find him!"

"We don't know how!"

"Ash, don't drag me into this. You pushed him. Not me."

"Hantaaaaa.... Mr. Aizawas gonna KILL me."

"Rip Mina Ashido."

"That's not funny."

"It is."

"Kirishima, Bakugo, Sero and Mina."

"Fuck." Mina whispers. They are so screwed.

"Where's Kaminari? Hound Dog said something disrupted the security system."

"Well Mr. Aizawa... wait, why did you come to us first?"

"When does anything happen that isn't your fault?"

"When someone cleaned the cafeteria."

"Fair point, now where is Kaminari."

"It was Mina."

"What the fu- heck Bakugo?"

"She uh- Kaminari accidentally fell."



Aizawa sighs, clearly annoyed.

"Troublemakers. Y'all are going down to find him."


"Why all?"

"I'm not the one who fucking shoved Dumbass so why me?"

"None of you got me right away. The earth is a big place. Now get going."

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