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Denki Kaminari, he has overwhelming potential. If he learns to have perfect control over his electricity he can go very, incredibly far. This is because of his quirk which allows him to loosely control and emit electricity. And electricity is everywhere, even in our bodies, our brains. Indeed, his potential is far from zero. He just needs to learn and grow here at UA.

That's what my report card says. Well, that's what it says underneath all the low marks and barely passed test scores.

It's why I'm still here in the hero course. Honestly I'm not sure how I even passed the first semester here. Even with help from Momo and Bakugo I still get low scores on everything I do. It's probably due to my short attention span and inability to stay still during class.

I'm walking by Gym Gamma when I hear a loud crash from inside. Who's training at 10 pm?

They say curiosity killed the cat. I decide to take my chances and peek inside.

It's Shinso, a rather attractive boy from General Studies. After watching the recap of the sports festival I did feel guilty. Guilty that he wasn't able to get into the Hero course but I did. His quirk is really powerful and he's really smart, better than me in pretty much every way.


I startle as the tall boy kicks a cement pillar. He obviously regrets it as he hops back on one foot. I watch silently as he flops on the ground and throws an arm over his face.

""Ugggghhhh I'll never get into the hero course anyway! Maybe I should just give up."

I want to go to him. Hug him and tell him he's amazing. Tell him to not give up and that I'm sure he'll be an amazing hero. Tell him I'm proud that he's trying so hard.

But instead I shut the door and creep away in the direction of the teachers dorm.

"Mr. Aizawa?" I knock softly on the door.

I'm making a decision based on a thought I haven't really even thought through yet.

"What are you doing here Kaminari?"

"I, Uh, had a question."

"Spit it out."

"Can I drop, or I mean." I pause and take a deep breath "Can I replace Shinso in the General Studies so he can go to the Hero Course?"

Aizawa stares at me as I fumble over my words.

"Well I've been thinking, ever since the sports festival. Shinso really wants to be in the hero class. I got last in mid terms and I'm like one more mess up from getting kicked out. Shinsos really smart and has a cool quirk that just didn't work in the entrance exam." I pause and glance nervously up at my teacher.

"Are you sure about this?"

"Yes." I nod.

"Well, I'll see what I can do. You're a good kid." He shuts the door and I turn on my heel.

"Congratulations Shinso, you're in the hero course."

This news shocks me and my capture weapon falls short of the target.

I rewind it and ask "What?"

"You're in 1-A now. You'll be attending the classes on Monday, moving into your dorm tomorrow."

A grin splits my face.

"Geez kid tone down the lights."

Practice flies by and for the rest of the day I laugh at everything.

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