The trade

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Inspired by @lmaowhatsanity on Tiktok (Part from an awesome AU)
What's this? Fluff? And someone didn't die?
Don't worry, there's only one death threat

"Villains quirk."


"Don't talk to him."

"You will never be a hero."


"Bad luck."

"Stay away."


All Hitoshi Shinsos life he's been hated or feared.

"Hey Shinso... we're friends right? That means you won't brainwash me, right?"

"Thats the kid at the top of the class, maybe you could ask him to tutor you."

"Are you kidding? He'd probably brainwash me into killing someone!"

"Pfft, that kids trying to get into UA? He'd have better luck getting into the league of villains."

And the only one who ever wanted to be his friend? Only wanted him to control his crush to go out with him.

Adults either stepped lightly around him or tried to insure the safety of their loved ones.

People were afraid to talk to him, for the fear of what would happen.

So years later, when he finally got into the hero's course, he expected nothing different.

The first time the loud blonde volunteered to be my partner in the upcoming English presentation, I assumed he just wanted an easy A.

Surprisingly, he was just as good as me.

He probably just didn't want to get paired with some other slacker.

Two weeks later, he once again asked to be my sparring partner in hero training.

Everyday after that he invited me to sit with him and his friends during lunch.

Of course I refused, I didn't want to make everyone uncomfortable. 

Then a few minutes later, he'd find wherever I was hiding and sit next to me. He insisted no one deserves to be alone.

Guess I'm no one then.

He's either an idiot or an idiot.

It's the weekend before a five day school trip. The bakusquad plans on going to the mall together to get supplies they don't already have.

Kaminari asked if I wanted to go with them. I refused.

I also need to get some supplies but no way am I going with other people. Especially ones that don't want me there.

There's no way in hell we'd coincidentally go to the same place.



What are they doing here? I purposefully picked the store farthest from UA.

I watch them from behind a tshirt stand as they pick out sunglasses.

Kaminari, of course, is the loudest. He's the one that draws my eye.

I watch him (not creepily, I swear) as he tries to put an orange triangles pair on Bakugo who just pushes his face into Seros' back.

Eventually he decides on white clout glasses.


I tap my foot as I wait in line at the food court. It's the most open, largely populated area but Eri really wanted some boba tea. How could I say no?

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