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Constant smile - shinso x kaminari by peterpanoncrack
Constant smile - shinso x kaminariby Soup
Denki Kaminari is always smiling but what's hiding behind it... Hitoshi Shinso, new to class 1a, notices something off about Denki and decides to investigate. TW: Self h...
◇Mind Breaker◇ (Villain Hitoshi) by hgffghhhhh
◇Mind Breaker◇ (Villain Hitoshi)by ❝𝒾 𝒶𝓂 𝓂𝒶𝒹𝑒 𝑜𝒻 𝓂𝑒𝓂...
Villain Hitoshi! Shinso Hitoshi. He's been wronged his entire life. His mother overdosed when he was 6, claiming she never wanted a Villain as a son before killing herse...
Erasermic Family Group chat by idied2007
Erasermic Family Group chatby Marina Wren
basically a group chat of the erasermic family including Aizawa, Hizashi, Eri and shinsou. I might add a couple other characters down the line. btw no art in this is mi...
Can't Sleep by SafeSpaceHere
Can't Sleepby Many Fandoms
Kaminari has never been able to sleep well due to his electric quirk. One night he walks around to help him sleep. He spots a familiar purple hair boy from class 1-C. Fr...
Class 1-A And LOV watch their future by pinkie03pie
Class 1-A And LOV watch their Dimension Princess
Exactly what the title says, Class 1-A and the League of Villains watch their future, with a few future children as well. I suck at descriptions, sorry (This was inspi...
Smile! (Sad ShinKami AU) (Used to be 'Still breathing') by wr1tingfreak
Smile! (Sad ShinKami AU) (Used South
The title used to be 'Still Breathing', it has been changed to 'Smile!' (and the cover art has been adjusted accordingly). I will remove the mention of the past title in...
Erasermic family✔ by Hana_Monkey
Erasermic family✔by Hana_Monkey
First story and I'm just making stuff up along the way,apologies if it's terrible! -includes shinkami and erasermic obviously ⚠️not my pictures!⚠️
finding home by Genderfluidjester
finding homeby Genderfluidjester
this is a trans denki shinkami fan fic i wrote in my free time i wasnt going to post it anywhere but then i posted it to my old account on quotev (my account name on the...
Is it meant to be?  (ShinKami) by AJanusKinnie
Is it meant to be? (ShinKami)by ~irenelle~
Shinsou texts a random number while he is having a panic attack. He meets someone that he might have a crush on. *Seeing through you Soulmate AU (A Au where when you sl...
The Babbling Blonde Boy by Bookflower32
The Babbling Blonde Boyby Bookflower32
When Mineta is kicked out of class 1A and a new spot opens, our very own Shinso gets to finally prove his worth. But something happens that throws off his plans, Denki K...
Kaminari's Secret "Girlfriend" by sage-writes
Kaminari's Secret "Girlfriend"by Sage-writes
Kaminari and Shinso have been dating for about 2 months, but haven't told anyone about it. Kaminari spends as much time as he can with his boyfriend, but his friends sta...
Accidentally time traveled (TAKE II) (COMPLETED) by pinkie03pie
Accidentally time traveled (TAKE Dimension Princess
Like the title says, this is my take 2 of my book Accidentally time traveled! It's not going to be the same, but it contains the same OCs of the next gen (Hato is from j...
The truth of it all- Denki Kaminari Angst by Cattisclaw
The truth of it all- Denki Cattisclaw
Denki Kamiriari- Joyful and giddy, the sunlight in class 1A but deep down, a decent portion of it is an act, and what will happen when his walls start to crumble? Can De...
Shinkami - think I'm into you by AnimeBeatsRealLife
Shinkami - think I'm into youby Kai the Not-A-Guy
{completed} It's a shinkami story and that's all you really need to know. read it if you like it, dont read it if you don't. Simple really. Denki kaminari has always lik...
c r a c k (BNHA chat fic) |Under New Ownership| by Hi66667777
c r a c k (BNHA chat fic) |Under The Odd Unknown
(cover : ) c r a c c h e a d s Lots and lots of cursing I wonder if the people who work at Wattpad know what kind of BULLSHIT is on their site L...
I'll See You Again - Shinkami by animetragedy
I'll See You Again - Shinkamiby lil tragedy
Becoming a hero isn't as easy as the pros make it seem. In reality, nothing is rainbows and roses. But why is it so hard to move on?
A villain's weakness (shinkami) by ThatOneQueerSimp
A villain's weakness (shinkami)by A
Where Shinsou became a villain instead of becoming a hero and now is one of the most wanted criminals in the world, but everyone has a weakness. His is a loud blonde who...
denki x shinso    hanahaki  (au) by lshiels123
denki x shinso hanahaki (au)by lshiels123
denki has the hanahaki disease but doesn't tell anyone until they move into the dorms and it makes it harder to keep it a secret as he has to share it with his crush but...
Perhaps We Stick To The Truth by notionofme
Perhaps We Stick To The Truthby notionofme
SHOULD I FINISH THIS?? Denki is seen as some happy vibrant kid... Well at least that is what he wants people to think. In reality, Denki is struggling. A lot. What will...
Forgotten Birhtday • Angst • Denki Kaminari 《MHA》 by Gwibby07
Forgotten Birhtday • Angst • Gwibby
HAPPY ENDING, GUAREENTEERD ... Denki Kaminari's birthday is approaching, and he can't wait to celebrate with his friends. He commits all of his time and attention to pla...