The perks of a boyfriend

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It starts out nice

It was a lovely Monday morning. I was sitting next to Mr. Aizawas desk, going over the homework problems when something slips from my mouth.

"Oh yeah, there's this kid that keeps following me around?"

"Hm? Like a stalker?"

"No, he too stupid for that, he makes it obvious. He always sits next to me at lunch and won't go away even if I ignore him."

"So like, a friend?"

"I'm not sure."

"What class is he in?"

"This class, Kaminari?"

-Dramatic flashback to Aizawas high school days-

"AIZAWWAAAA! WANNA EAT LUNCH TOGETHER? COOL!" The loud boy thumped down next to the introvert.

"No thanks." I said, shying away from the loud blonde.

"What'd you get for lunch?"

"I brought my own."

"Awesome! Can you cook?"


"Wow! I can!"

"I know."

"What's your favorite food?"

-Back in the present still with Aizawa-
"Just stay away from him." I say, sighing.

"I don't think that'll work, but okay. Honestly I don't mind it all that much."

That's what I said too. For the rather emotionally closed off boy that was almost a love confession.

"Just remember, one loud blonde in the family is one more than needed."

"Pshhh, I'd never want to date him." Yeah, keep telling yourself that, I see that blush.

I grab my sleeping bag and mentally prepare myself for another loud blonde. But this one is dumb as shit, dear lord I expect Eri to do better.

-English class, Denki-
"Kaminari! Can you translate the third line?"

"Huh? Um." I wasn't paying attention.

"Please translate question three."

I scan the board and read aloud "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog."

Thank god I'm actually good at English. I side eye Shinso, he's frowning at the paper like it's in a foreign language. It is, it's Japanese. (It's weird to have them take English classes when I'm writing in English so they're taking a Japanese class)

"Congrats, right again little listener!"

Shinso releases an almost inaudible groan. I flick a note onto his desk. 'Wanna study together after school?' A second later the note lands on my desk again. 'Sure.'

Omgomgomgomgggg he actually said yes. Wow. Did not expect that.

I accidentally fling my pencil halfway across the room after trying to do the knife game with it. Oops.

-Library after school-

We fill out forms that allow us to stay on campus after school. Surprisingly we're the only ones despite the upcoming midterms.

"Mmkay, can I see your Japanese notes?"

"Um, I don't have any."

"Nonsense, I saw you writing in class earlier today."

Silently he hands over his book, hiding his face in his arms. I open it up and am hit with a wave of omg I love you please marry me right now we can have two kids and a cat named dog. The pages are covered with drawings of cats. "This is so adorable."

"Mhhhh." His ears burn pink.

I flip through the pages and see slow but definite progress. On the last filled in page I see a cat that bears a striking resemblance to me. Even though it's in pencil it has a black lightning stripe across its side. "Aww, is this me?"

He peeks out and glances at the paper before burying his head in his arms again. "No, definitely not."

"Mmm, well I think it's amazing." I grab a pencil and add to the drawing. I must say, I am pretty good at it. I draw a cat with poofy fur and an uncanny resemblance to Shinso. "There! Now we're together!" He refuses to look at the page. "Aww Shin shin."

"Just teach me Japanese."

-An hour later because honestly I can't understand Japanese but I did try to learn a bit-

"Ya know, if you went out with me, I could help you with Japanese and we could hold hands at the same time."

"Really now?"

"And I could hug you, you look like a nice person to hug."

"What makes me huggable?"

"Well, you're tall, strong, smell like coffee, and thicc, with two c's."

He tries to hold back a smile. So far so good.

"Doesn't that sound like a good deal?"

"Hmm, sure does."

"Wait really?"

"Well, if I'm a huggable person, I need someone to hug. And you're the only one who's ever told me that." A smirk rests on his lips.


"So what about holding hands?"


"And dating?"

"You're really asking for a lot."

"Is that a yes?"

"Yes that's a yes."



"Are you sure?"

"But I get a request as well."

"And what's that?"

"What's the answer to question seven?"


-Shinsos Pov-
If I didn't stop that mushy talk I might have died. I barely keep a grin off my face. I just made a choice without thinking about it. Denki stares at me, mouth hanging open.

"What? You actually don't like me?"

"No- that's not- I'm just surprised!"


I hold out my hand and he slides his hand into mine.

"The perks are sure worth it."

He smiles and stares at his homework. Somehow I don't think we'll be getting much work done.

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