The voice in his head

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I'm so tired. Just so exhausted from being told I'm stupid. Dumb. Retarded. Weak. Useless. Cowardly. Why do people feel the need to tell me? I already make sure I know that every day.

I drag my feet as I shuffle across the bridge. I drop my hand from the safety rail and shake my head. No, I can't be selfish. Suddenly I run into another person. I stumble back but my untied shoelaces cause me to fall.

Face flushed I mutter out a "I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention." A large hand is shoved into my face and I look up to see Shinso, a kid in the same class as me. I hesitantly grab it before he yanks me up.

"Sorry. Wasn't paying attention." I'm about to reply that it was my fault but my lowered eyes catch on a bit of paper, neatly folded on top of the UA jacket. My eyes jerk up to Shinsos. Was he going to commit suicide?

"Don't!" I blurt it out without thinking and he glances at the paper. "Don't, not yet. I mean, don't do it at all. Please. I don't want you to die." I'm rambling. Both my hands clutch one of his, in a feeble attempt to stop him. How funny, I was gonna do it just a minute ago.


"Huh?" I raise my gaze again in confusion. It was that easy?

But he's already walking down the bridge, jacket slung carelessly over one shoulder.

The paper rests between the toes of my shoes. I pick it up and unfold it.

It reads 'Sorry Dads, sorry, Eri. I love you all. It just hurts seeing him with someone else. I know you said the pain would go away but it hasn't. I think I just love him too much.'

I wonder who 'he' is. He's lucky to have such an attractive guy pining after him. I smile softly and tuck the paper into my pocket. I saved a life today. I'll have to keep an eye on the purple haired boy.

-Shinso Pov-
I held Kaminaris' hand. All and any bad thoughts are banished from my mind and I press my hand to my mouth. It's probably just my imagination but it still feels a bit warm. I smile into my hand and sigh. I'm a mess.

-Denki Pov-
Shinso is now part of the Bakusquad. I inform my friends on the way to school on Friday.

"Fuck no! I already have enough idiots! I don't want another."

"You don't want one, you get one." I correct. "Besides he's really smart."

"A positive and a negative still make a negative."

"Huh? Why-? No... one minus one is..."

"Tch. Nevermind."

"So everyone cool with that?"

"Bro, he's manly. Course I'm in."

"I guess if Shitty hair agrees I can put up with him."

"Bro Idc."

"This is a conversation Han, you can't use abbreviations. Anyway, I'm cool with that."

"Perfect! Now Imma ask him to sit with us at lunch so sorry Han, you gotta sit with Bakubae."

"Don't fucking call me that."

"Whattttt? Okay but you have to give me your oranges at lunch."


"Don't sound so happy or I'll ask for more."

"Tch. Fine."

"Now you look like Bakubro."

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