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HC: Denki just loves storms
Have some fluff to soothe your broken hearts lol
I hope you have a great day/night and drink water for Shinkami supremacy.

I love storms. The strong wind and icy rain drops. The brilliant lighting and booming thunder. I love all of it.

"Power Loader won't be able to fix the back up generator." Aizawa explains in the dim classroom.

All day a storm had been brewing and just after breakfast the power went out. So for about ten minutes the whole school sat in silence and darkness waiting for what would happen next.

"We'll be waiting for some electricians but until then schools out. Go back to the dorms and don't die."

"Aww heck yeah!"

"Awesome man."

"Hey, Denks."

"Ashido, no. I'm not a generator. I will not be powering anything. Schools out and I wanna have fun not charge up the tv or whatever."

"Hmph, fine. But what are we gonna do then?"

"Well I know what I'm gonna do." I throw my homework into my yellow messenger bag and excitedly wait for my friends.

"What's got you so excited?" Hata chuckles, reading an arm on my head.

"It's lighting and thundering!" I say happily, ignoring the insult to my lack of height.

"Does it have something to do with your quirk?" Eijiro asks politely.

"Nah, but it's awesome! It's so loud and bright and whooshy and boomy and ka-powy and-"

"You lost me at loud, hun." Mina says, putting on her jacket.

"Let's go ya fuckin extras." Bakugo grumbles, shoving his chair into the desk.

We all walk out the door but I skip ahead of the others. I get to the entrance first and they're about ten feet behind me so I run ahead.

The wind whips my clothing and the rain stings my skin, I love it.

When lighting streaks across the sky I count the seconds until thunder rumbles nearby. Eleven seconds.

"Guys! The storm is eleven miles away! Isn't that cool?" I yell over the beat of rain.

"Kaminari, darling. I don't know what you said but you're already soaked, let's hurry." Momo tells me, sticking an umbrella over my head.

I huff but take the umbrella. No one ever appreciates storms.

Inside, we take off our shoes, someone already set out stacks of towels so we all dry off.

I simply shake my hair and laugh at Bakugo as he reluctantly lets Kiri dry his hair. Bakugo just heats up his palms and carefully drys Eiji's hair, glaring at the rest of us.

I run upstairs to change into a thick hoodie and jeans, the most water proof clothing I own and run back downstairs.

"Kaminari, please do not run in the dorms. Where are you going?" Iida calls out.

"Outside!" I grin.

"That wouldn't be advisable..."

Too late, I'm already out the door.

The storm is closer now, five miles away. The thunder seems to shake the ground and the lightning crackles in the air.

I laugh and try to catch raindrops in my mouth but there's so many.

Water covers the cement pathways and pools in the slight dips. I try to jump from puddle to puddle but they're too far apart.

Happy to just be outside I sit on a bench and stretch my hands out.

-Shinso Pov-
My dads insist that I have to stay for a bit after, because the lights in the gyms don't work, we can't practice so Aizawa gives me homework.

After about ten minutes I'm released and can walk back to the dorms. I fidget with the umbrella and it pops open after I almost snap my nail off.

The hem of my pants get wet fairly quickly and my shoes are practically soaked. I wrinkle my nose and wonder why something as pesky rain even exists when I hear laughing.

Who laughs in the absolutely miserable rain?

The answer becomes clear when I see Kaminari playing in the storm.

You know what? Rain doesn't seem that bad. I think I could learn to like it.

He has his mouth open and seems to be trying to catch raindrops. That's actually kinda cute. Stupid, but cute.

When he sits on a bench I decide to try and talk to him.

-Denki Pov-
Someone stops the rain from hitting my face with an umbrella and I look to the left to see Shinso.


"Hi Shin shin!"

"Shin shin?"

"Yeah! Doesn't that sound cute?"

Shut up Denki, you're being an idiot.

"Anywaya, watcha doing? Out here."

"Oh, I'm heading back from school. You shouldn't be out here too long, you might catch a cold. What are YOU doing out here?"

"Oh! I just love storms! They're so cool." I blush faintly, hopefully he didn't see me playing, that would be embarrassing.

"Huh. Whenever you're done out here, you should head inside and tell me why."

"Oh, sure! I'll probably head inside soon."

He has a smirky smile on his face I absolutely adore. He simply nods and offers me the umbrella. Not knowing what to do, I take it.

-10 minutes later-

I finally head inside, sooner than I'd rather.

When I open the door there's a thermos of hot chocolate and a fluffy towel sitting out. I look around in confusion and Mina smirks at me from the couch.

"He swore me to secrecy but your boyfriend left that out for you."

I blush furiously and pick up the towel. It smells like coffee and something like fresh night air. It smells like Shinso.

"My god Mina! He's not my boyfriend." I mumble, red as Kirishimas hair.

"But you wish he was."

"Yeah but- wait no! No no no. Stoppp using your trickery. I refuse to be tricked anymore."

She just laughs and goes back to her phone.

I turn from her to see Shinso in the doorway.

"You wanna be my boyfriend?" His lips are quirked but I can't tell what he's thinking.

"Y- yes?" I even confuse myself.

"Hmm, well, would you like to go out with me?"

"Uh, sure!"





"Whattt? He really did it? Damn, I needed that money." I swivel to see Uraraka hand Mina a dollar bill.


"And that's what I call business." Mina grins at me.

Shinso tugs at my wrist and nods towards the hall. "You said you'd tell me why you like storms."


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